To those in Charlottesville and the rest of the World

Picture from NY Times – Click on photo to go to article.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything along the lines of politics, to be honest I try my hardest these days to avoid anything to do with the current state of affairs in the country in which I live.

But sometimes I need to crack that hard shell of resolve and speak up in order to perhaps be heard on something that is close to my heart.


I was born in a society that thrived on it on a daily basis, propaganda was fed to me from day one both in school and by society.  The African race, kaffir’s, Black’s, Coloured’s, mixed race, Asians, Indians… were sub-human and the ultimate, most intelligent race (so granted by God and deemed by the churches far and wide) was that of the caucasian whites.

I remember.

Non whites had their own public toilets, their own benches to sit on, their own beaches and recreational areas lest they infect or pollute our pristine white only spaces.

I remember.

Marriage? You, a white man or woman, would be thrown in jail for having friendship and love for another human because they were the wrong color, they were not pure white. White.

I remember.

Bombings. Riots. Beatings. Murders. People disappearing. People burning in the streets.

I remember.

I saw it all.

I lived through it before.

Hate is taught, it is not innate to our human nature.  It is normally taught by high standing people more often than not within religious institutions. The need to feel supreme and have a higher stature for me is linked directly to insecurity and is a disease.

More so though in this day an age the mere fact that certain groups of people have not had enough intelligence to learn from history, to see the stupidity that comes from it or the fact that a “White only Nation supreme before God” is a failure in itself blows my mind.

You white supremest’s who claim to be all supreme, claim to be the ultimate race… pick up a book or watch the history channel for a little and actually watch it, not throw beer cans at it.



I have lived through hate.  I have lived through the riots. I have seen death. I have seen the destruction.

Nothing good comes from stupidity of this kind.

We are all human, we all are born from a mother from the seed of a father.

We all bleed the same color. We all cry. We all hurt. We all Love.

We all die.

Just because we love a different race.  Just because we have a different colored skin. Just because we love the same sex.

Doesn’t make us sub-human, wrong or anything else.

We are all human, all deserve human rights, human decency, love, friendship, equal employment and most of all… We all deserve to be able to live and be free.

And as a final side note…

If any of you white supremacists have a pacemaker, perhaps it is you or your father, perhaps even your grandfather.

It was invented by a person of African race. Otis Boykin

Keep your precious firearms in a nice fire proof safe? Yup an African again.  Henry Brown

A Gamer? The guy that started it all was African. Gerald A. Lawson.

You get the point.

End of rant.

To both sides… Stop blaming history and learn from it!

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