Touching History


There is an ancient belief that objects hold the energy of those that surrounded them, that ancient buildings, temples and lands have stories to tell if we were to just stop and listen for a moment.

I like to believe that this is true and ever since I was young I found myself drawn to the “ancient” things of the world.

Castles, temples and caves are the three that draw me the most out of all that the world has to offer… more so if they aren’t inundated with tourists, like say Stonehenge.

There’s something peaceful about standing amongst ancient stones that hold mystery and wonder.  No one truly knows why or how these stones were placed as they were, the most we can assume is to tell the seasons and time by the shadows as well as a place for ancient rituals and pagan traditions.  There is a lot you can read about Avebury and I would definitely do so before visiting.  It’ll add even more mystique to your experience!

For me though these stones hold special significance.  It is where my sister first took me when I visited her, thankfully she is as crazy as I am and we explored the fields, felt each stone like crazy people and I loved each moment.

The stones aside, the town is beautiful in it’s simplicity and history.  The church dates back to around 1000 A.D. long before much of the world was found, conquered or cultivated.

This is one town with so much history you can touch it changes you and puts life a little bit into perspective.  We are but a small moment in a landscape of time, what we leave behind, if done right, can last for generations and centuries to come.



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