Black Crow Coffee St Pete, Fl

A Quick Stop at Black Crow Coffee St Pete

First Impressions Series

They say first impressions last

I had just finished up at an appointment near the Historic Northeast district of St Pete (FL) and found myself in dire need of some caffeine. As one does these days I plugged “coffee” into Waze and the options were many. One in particular though caught my eye.
Black Crow Coffee. Who’s eye wouldn’t it catch? Come on! Intriguing and unusual given that Crows are often not very kindly thought of. Unless of course, we are talking about the Spirit Animals.
Anyway, I pulled up outside looking for parking and found myself staring at only the parallel kind! Please note that I hate parallel parking and really don’t mind walking to avoid it at all costs. Yes, at some point I’ll tell you the fateful story of my first driving test during which I knocked over the police officer trying to parallel park.
Sadly for me, all parking in the area was in fact parallel. But I sucked it up like buttercup and parked down a side street (no injuries to cars or humans took place).
Black Crow Coffee sits amongst a few other businesses but was immediately noticeable by their hip look. Being not in my retro gear I was at first intimidated by the prospect of being under or overly dressed. Walking in I found my mini clothing dilemma evaporate in a flash.
It felt like I had walked into a hip coffee bar in the middle of Stellenbosch or Cape Town (hometown). The smell of cookies and fresh coffee hit me in waves of pleasurable deliciousness and the likeness didn’t stop there. The decor is modern retro with a twist of humble earthiness in its brick walls and chalkboard menus, unique lighting and comfy inviting tables.
I needed to jiggle (don’t judge, the Christmas cookies are still on me) so after a quick glance at their delicious menu, I ordered a Cherry Mocha hot coffee to go. Yes, no cookies. I didn’t want to go though. The atmosphere was so inviting that I found myself wanting to park myself down, sit back and relax.

First impression? 

If you’re looking for a seriously delicious coffee without the crate of sugar the “chains” have, you need to go here.
Wanting to catch up with friends? This should be your go-to place!
Don’t like parallel parking? It is within easy walking distance from doable parking. An added bonus is that the Historic Northeast is a scenic walk with its beautiful tree-lined streets and colonial houses.

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