About me


I hate writing about pages.  I’ll be upfront right off the bat. They are terrible and I honestly find myself wondering where to start!!!

I’m a modern day Nomad born in South Africa and have been living abroad on and off for the last 20ish years.  When I turned 21 I packed my backpack, quit my job and travelled solo to the United Kingdom to live and work for 2 years.  After that I travelled back to SA for a few years until the bug bit once more.

The travel bug is a hard one to resist… I travelled in between to and from Europe but the bug for me is a full on move…

At 30 I moved once more to England and then on to the United States after that.  

I have travelled the East Coast extensively and after a year in New Jersey moved down to extremely sunny Florida.  Before you throw aspersions my way about leaving the gorgeous north… Americans drive on the wrong side of the road and then add in the mix that stuff called black ice which I call something I shan’t mention. In Florida we don’t have black ice just the odd storm.

Anyway moving on…

 Along the way I picked up a husband and two awesome step-children who have been keeping me busy beyond anything I ever imagined.  I still travel though, my sense of adventure and my need for new cultures never far away.  


I see the world through a viewfinder, the world is an artscape to me and different cultures is my true University of Life.  Travel inspires me and gives me meaning in life, it’s in my blood.  I am a Nomad who believes in Ubuntu.

Welcome to my crazy world.

May the adventures begin!

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