About SanityFound

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Who I am

I don’t believe in labels or society status.

A searcher, I search for destiny abound, I search for the meaning internal and external

I am a dreamer, I dream of a happier world, healthier people and peace

I am a lover, I love life, humanity, different opinions and learning

I love to experience

I live life

I like to think I’m brave but standing on Ostrich eggs is scarier than Bungee jumpin I kid you not!


While traveling I like to visit extraordinary places, ones often not on the day-to-day tourists radar.

Adventure and experiences stay with me longer than material things.

Where ever I go I try to visit sanctuaries and places where animals are genuinely cared for, I believe whole heartedly in Eco Travel and support it when ever I travel.

I am always game to visit and see you new places, if you have any ideas of where I can visit shoot me an email or post a comment and I’ll add it to my bucket list!

A rare photo of me, how they snuck it I don’t know!


I try to use my own photos as much as possible, all travel and experience posts have my own photos. Β If I use anyone else it is with their permission and with credit.

For my full portfolio please visit www.audreykruger.com



I am open to collaborating with companies around the world who would like honest thoughts and awesome photos of their location on the blog, instagram and on twitter.

… Disclaimer …

I write my own words and where it is another’s I credit them

This blog is my journey lived and experienced by me.

I have led an interesting and colorful life, if and when I do write about it please note that it is my own reality and my own understanding and experience. It is my story.

In posts pertaining to my past, present or future I change locations, names and dates in order to keep people out of my hair

My hair can get messy

88 thoughts on “About SanityFound

  1. Oh..i love those days when you just don’t have anything better to do than to search for random blogs trying to find something interesting to read. And i’m always lucky, today i found your blog and it brightened up my day to the MAX, looking forward to coming back for an evening read πŸ™‚

  2. Me too! Hope you find some good tidbits in mine too.

    The only way is up & down, I reckon. Love them moments & make your life into the one you’ve wanted along the way!

  3. Hi- I received a great comment from you on my post about the NY gov. caught using a prostitution ring. Just want you to know I did’t forget to post it, but accidentally deleted it. πŸ™
    Sorry, but thanks for writing.

  4. Thanks, GGG Friend, Sanity Found, for writing this post. I needed to hear (read) the words from someone else other than my own mind and thoughts today. When we are bombarded with negative people, its so hard to hear and respond to the positive, especially if we feel that we are in the fight alone, and the only positive force around at the time is ourselves. Soon, we get so used the downers we become numb and stop fighting (mentally, stop believing what we really know is truth, and start believing someone elses truth. It’s funny how listening to someone else who has been through the same experiences as ourselves and come out, helps us to feel better and makes us think clearly. Even when we should be experts in the this thing called living, if we are bombarded by negative people, it can become difficult to listen to what we know. A Piece and Peace of Mind is Worth It All. I Must Not Forget That! Your experience reminded me of when I was in a similar experience regarding self-esteem with my ex husband when I was about your age, 22. After the physical abuse, verbal and mental abuse, it’s funny that there was one thing he said that really told me that he was in fact mentally deranged and would never change. He told me that all men beat their wives, people just don’t ever talk about it. All families have this problem. And, he believed it! Now if I had been raised in an abusive family, I might have fell for that. That’s scary. Anyway, that’s the past, many years ago. Now I have to deal with today’s issues and decide if I want to continue in the same direction or make some positive changes to allow me to be me again.
    Sorry for the long response. Just had to talk.

  5. Thanks all for your comments, I appreciate them more than you know… As Cordie always says… Peace, Love and blessings πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog πŸ™‚ It is indeed a crazy world we live in. There are many who dont care for whatever reasons; sometimes i dont know if i ought to feel sorry for them or get frustrated with them.

    You are free to steal the term btw.

  7. Rhonda – careful my thoughts are rather strange and weird so be warned πŸ˜‰ Big hugs to Angel Mwah

    Thanks Jacq concur wholeheartedly!

  8. Darn, now we know both are healthy options, but still don’t chose them. Makes me want a nice cheese burger with a milkshake πŸ™‚

  9. lol…Brussel Sprouts are no where in sight gurl! Have been gorging on Potato Cheese Sandwitches. Thanks for your comment on my tribute blog. Means a lot. πŸ™‚

  10. There’s got to be a story behind that picture…:-) Makes me think of someone celebrating the dance we call life….(I’m lousy at interpreting stuff like this..(can’t spell either) :-)…am I close?

  11. Lol yers, Music was playing full blast and I was totally absorbed by it while in the studio as my sister snapped away πŸ˜€ Close… and no worries have you seen my spelling??? Shocking really

  12. Uyishayelani lengane isecane wemfazi Omdala? my eyes sees rainbow colors when i see the world i see the rainbow as God created it! my words will become prolific why? because it will speak a truth that the world is denying

  13. Ngizokhulula, ngizokhulula wena… Humba gashle my friend it is a dream that will become reality. Saam kan ons dit doen, saam staan en wys vir almal wat dit beteken.

    Emaweni we baba, Sila emaweni, Elakho mnganami, Lelilungelo ngelakho… Kumnandi e Africa, Sis ho ngoba? Sihlala ngo thando noxolo, Masigiye bo masigiye nge njabulo

    But in my african dream, you touched my face
    Raised up my children and gave them grace
    In my african dream you wiped away my tears
    And whispered the promise of a thousand years
    Children with eyes like souls ready to fly
    Old man sits in the shade of the thorn tree
    He says these thorns are all that are true
    Life is suffering, suffering is life,
    Be happy with the small things that come to you
    They will come to you, come to you.

    Rush, A wise man is one who’s sees rainbows on both dark and sunny days…

  14. I came across your blog by looking for best friend images on google to add to my blog! How interesting! I am so glad that I found it! Keep inspiring others. You will help me to find my sanity =].

  15. this theme you’re using is one of my favourite. how did u get to change the colours from original blue to this beautiful brick red?

    and the flowers seperating the sections – they’re beautiful too!

    wait, don’t tell me. you are under a paid subscription, right?

    anyways, i enjoyed my visit here and glad i found u via the Random blog searches.

    all the best!

  16. Froggywoogie, that must be one of the coolest names I have ever seen!!! Glad you are enjoying, ah it is the wonders of our world huh – log in and wham insanity on your doorstep!

  17. I’m very glad you like my name and I agree it’s cool, that’s why I chosed it. As for insanity, I thought I had found Sanity!
    Thanks for your visit and your comment

  18. It’s no wonder you have had 48 thousand visits to your magnificent blog!
    an oasis!
    i’m adding you to my blog roll!

  19. Hoh, welcome to insanity found, I mean sanity (get so confused some times!) Thanks for the add, glad you enjoy my stuff and others. Shout re that other stuff anytime. A

  20. Hello, Sanity Found. You stopped by my blog so I decided to stop by yours and have a look around. I’m curious to what you write about. I can relate to you in the way of being a dreamer, but I’ve only been on the planet for 18 years. I’ll be back to read more.


  21. Aikou am sorry I missed that comment – I welcome to insanity – I write about everything and anything

    Nikhil, yeah I have picked up that a number of these splogs are getting us, bothers me that my name appears in the same line as viagra – I mean how the hell did they KNOW??? Will check out the links thanks!

  22. Lol the beach up the coast vely vely nice near me! Oks Maitland is about erm 30km from me – mail me @ the gm
    kewl beans
    Can you tell I’ve been designing sheesh

    Look forwards

  23. Hey there… how can I contact you? Or could you please contact me? Would like to ask you about using your stuff πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  24. You have a truely wonderful site. Even the colours make one’s soul relax. We too are on a quest – for us its to escape being sheep, fulfill our dreams of becoming organically certified and help others to see an alternative way.

  25. ‘…living the spiritual journey that is life…’

    Living the journey for over 4 decades, how do you rate the journey? How I wishI can claim to be travelling on my spiritual journey always.

  26. There were moments where I thought it should end but those moments are far overshadowed by the ones where I am so full and true that they are tiny in comparison… how do I rate the journey so far? Am loving it!

  27. Hi, It’s a strange path that brings me to your blog and I hope to sojourn here for a while. Also…its nice to meet a fellow traveller. Kal

  28. Hi
    Love your blog. What an amazing writer you are and the photos are just wow. Love your poem” I am me” too I think? well I was last time I looked anyway. Hey if I am me and you are me then it follows the I am she and we are he .
    Have fun and all the best with your blog.

  29. Your blog is a great inspiration! I find our writing content and tone be to rather somewhat similar, it appears that we’re on the same page!

  30. sanity what more can i say, but if i have to here is it. your words soothes the soul like the velvet skin of a beautiful goddess and am in love with it. secondly, am a singer and a rapper and i know that i can act but i aint gat anybody to say GO ON! and that’s why am here to solicite for ya help. am a nigerian working my ass off just to live my dreams which i ve mentioned above. if i could get a help from you, i will be more than grateful. i can write and i ve songs that are yearning to be sang. i understand that joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain. but i dont wonna die without living my dreams. hope to hear from you. bye

    1. Can’t believe it has been so long, I miss yours as well… I need to catch up – life became a whirlwind in which words were difficult to come by. Hope all is well on your side!

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