Ambrosiana’s Fior di Neve ~ A Cookie Review

Due to a unfortunate medical thing where the doctors insisted I didn’t travel… I was stuck in my house recovering from what I thought would be a quick and easy procedure.  After week 3, and going stir crazy, a friend decided that I needed something to write about before I went over the “edge”.

So what better to write about than my favorite thing in the whole world… cookies

Though I will deny the severity of my obsession addiction love of cookies I have to admit trying about 20 different types was fun and albeit rather filling.

The first box I opened was the first that arrived at my door. An Italian cookie made by Ambrosiana called Fior di Neve. They describe them as Snowflake Shaped Shortbread filled with Cocoa Cream and Hazelnuts.

Now don’t laugh but the first thing I normally find myself doing when I open up a fresh box or package of cookies is to sniff in their gorgeous aromas slowly… look there is nothing quite like the first wiff of a cookie, once opened they tend to lose that “first wiff” factor (wiff as in smell). Admit it, you’ve done it too…

These little (and I mean little) cookies smelt delicious! First step to a definite yum “give me give me” moment!


With my tasting assistant at my side we opened up the package further and found ourselves surprised that the picture on the box and the cookie inside do not look at all the same… huh seriously who ever took those photos should be fired. Period.

These guys are tiny by cookie lover addict standards and the cookies themselves did not have as much of the white powdery goodness as seen on the box.

I’d love to say that the sugar powder came “loose” in transit but as you can see at the bottom of the container… nada loose powder. Nada.

Misleading packaging does not sit well with a cookie connoisseur such as myself. It’s a big huge no-nope.


Now for the cookie itself. Think crunchy non buttery shortbread stuffed with Nutella. Though these little cookies were disappointing on sight they definitely made up for it with the mix of crunch and Nutella.

Added to that, the fact that they taste like they have less butter, they have to be low fat diet approved (right???).


Drinks wise, I’d say these little cookies could definitely be enjoyed with a strong espresso or two, even with a friend.

Shareable? Yes, just don’t show anyone the packaging.


Overall not a bad cookie but would I buy it again? Probably not.

Why? Size always matters, but more importantly than size, the misleading box was a put off.

You don’t mess with a purchasers head like that, you see all the white sugary goodness and get prepared to lick it off your fingers when no one is looking and wham no sugary goodness. Seriously. Not good.

*My thoughts and opinions are my own, this post was not sponsored.

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  1. I think it’s hilarious that you actually checked the box for loose powder! Investigative journalism at its best! 😉

    I have to say, the combination of shortbread and Nutella has me intrigued.. 🙂

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