Be true, be open, live

First published Nov 1, 2007

How can life be as it is without the hearts of others, how can life be as it is without the symbolism of this world? In reality it is such a chaotic place to be, all the signals, messages and hearts beating different tunes. Have you ever walked into a crowed room and been overwhelmed by the internal noise of the people in it?

Everyone has their own journey to follow, their own road to walk, yet we all feel the need for oneness around us. I sit here now and as I type the world is open to me, I can feel the hearts beating around me, the souls torment and the souls joys. I sit here and I can feel all the different energies in the world surrounding us on a daily basis and yet some people are oblivious to it… strange and yet comforting – comforting not to feel the others needs, their wants, their pain and yet sad that they can not feel their happiness when it is felt.

Make sense?

In some sense this is an old thought and then to some it is a new awakening, a new idea of what could be, it is the greater world, the greater universe, it is a scary place and if you can not see it or feel it then it is a good thing, you are safer than the others, you are saner than the rest of us, we are few and far between but you, you we can feel.

When I close my eyes the energy fields are like lights in the dark, street lights pointing me to the people around me – when I extend this vision I see further, It feels as though I am in the universe looking downwards at the earth and lights light up – golden lights of people I am yet to meet and of those I have met before.

As I type this my eyes are closed, I shall read what I have said later, see the madness that is me – yes this is yet another rambling of a strange soul, it is the rambling of someone that should probably be institutionalized but you know what – I don’t care.

The moral of this long and sordid tale is to be open, don’t be scared of what you see or feel, for you never know the reality of it. We are brought up to believe that it is fake, that the energy fields we see surrounding people are a figment of our imagination, we are taught from an early age to disbelieve… the moral of the story is… look at the world a new, see what you see in a new light, open your eyes and look at the real reality of life not of the conditioned one. Don’t be afraid to live, don’t be afraid to believe, live and learn with abandonment…

Live and do, live without any regrets… Live!

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