Cape Point

Cape Point – Crazy beauty that will blow your mind!

Sharing is caring they say, so I need to let you know the pros and cons to this gorgeous area called Cape Point, also known as the Cape of Good Hope or mistakenly the tip of Africa (its really Cape Agulhas but we like to claim it anyway).

On to Cape Point’s Pros and Con

Pro 1 – 2 Oceans for the price of 1

What makes it so magical? After a hefty steep (I’m talking knee breaking if you’re “semi” unfit like me) walk up the mountain (or if you catch a really easy, cheap, comfortable ride in the rail car) you will find yourself up high enough to look out over Cape Town.  As you gaze upon the vista you will sea two oceans.  The Atlantic and the Indian. If that isn’t a wow I don’t know what is.

Cape Point South Africa - Sanityfound
Two Oceans

Pro 2 – See, Touch, Feel

The vistas, not just the two oceans mentioned in “Pro 1”, but the fact that no matter where you turn your head there are views upon views of beautiful scenery. From mountains and oceans down to flora, birds and yes wild animals, the abundance of things to see, touch and feel are many. Did I mention the air? One of the people that travelled with me actually commented on the fact that it smells so different, I looked at them like hey I showered, but they quantified that it was the fresh air, it actually smelled fresh in a good way.  The air smelt clean.

Cape Point South Africa - Sanityfound

Pro 3 – The Wild and the Wilder

I mentioned the wildlife? No nothing really that will jump out and bite you apart from maybe the odd snake or spider. It’s nature, I’m not going to lie to you, these creatures exist in all their glory (yes some may say this is a con but nature without the crazy is no nature at all). Cape Point has a variety of buck like creatures (including Impala), wild ostriches (keep the jewels inside the car they eat them I kid you not), baboons that love to try and eat what you’re putting in your mouth and birds galore (that attack your food but not your “sparkly” jewels).

Cape Point South Africa - Ostrich - Sanityfound
Jewelry thief

Still stuck on the snakes? When you visit, even in summer, and like in any Nature reserve, it’s always recommended to wear long pants and decent walking boots or shoes.  Generally the snakes don’t like humans, they’ll avoid the well worn routes we take but it’s always recommended to make noise when you walk so they aren’t startled into trying to taste you.

Yes still a pro!

Pro 4 – Talking History

If you’re a history buff you’d know that the Cape of Good Hope is steeped in historic ship wrecks (we are talking 3000+), ancient folklore and of course it is famous for its role in the old “Spice Route”. There is a nice tiny museum on top of the mountain that you can stroll through and learn about the history, geological findings, artifacts etc. An extra pro is that it is included with your park entrance.

Cape Point South Africa - Ostrich - Sanityfound

Right now for the con.

The Con

Once you have been you may find yourself falling victim to what so many others before you have experienced. You will not want to leave. Being from Cape Town myself, I have been many times, on the last trip I dragged some Americans with me and both them and I did not want to leave. We were willing to give up the chance of seeing Table Mountain because we got so hooked. Me being away from home for so long and them never experiencing something so incredible. We just did not want to leave.

This is a con in it’s truest forms. When planning your visit I recommend that you do it first thing in the morning and give yourself a good 5 hours to explore. They have restaurants and bathrooms so you don’t need to worry about that, there are also medical staff on site (for those that are still worrying about wildlife).

Yes it’s a con…

Cape Point South Africa - Selfie - Sanityfound

Below are a few the shots I got on my last trip home, you’ll see what I mean when I say it’s an incredible place full of wonder and scenery.

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