Naming your blog

Well I always find suggestions interesting but the new “WordPress” adverts just tickle me royally pink!  Have you noticed in that little “advert” bar all the suggested blog domain addresses?  Just classic… WordPress tip: Be the master of your own domain – make this blog “” for just $15 per year. First up, if you want to register your blog domain go to Google (thanks … Continue reading Naming your blog

In a box now deal with it… a mini rant on religion, sexuality and labels…

I am heterosexual I am homosexual I am bisexual I am white I am african I am mixed I am asian I am latino Tick, tick, tick I am come from royalty I know famous people I have wealth I am rich tick, tick, TICK Enough already do you honestly think that is all that matters? Here is the 2D version of me and see … Continue reading In a box now deal with it… a mini rant on religion, sexuality and labels…

Toto – Africa

I had a good chuckle tonight (I think I’ve been hanging with old folks.. chuckle???) – I laughed out loud at Angry African’s post “I’m a Zebra. I’m white. I’m black. I’m scary. I’m bad.“.  His writing gets you thinking out of the box on issues that normally get swept under the carpet with his wit and intelligence. This guy is going places in the written world so … Continue reading Toto – Africa

Inspirations Daisy Chain

IDC Virus? Inspiration Daisy Chain, the fastest spreading virus known to mankind. Inspiration is a daisy chain that intertwines and evolves. What most do not know is that this very Daisy Chain of Inspiration is the oldest and fastest spreading disease of our time and of times past. It is so silent sometimes that it spreads with out people realising, people get infected by it … Continue reading Inspirations Daisy Chain

Language of Elephants

Yes, I have been called an elephant a number of times in my life and for that reason I shall never divulge my true weight. Why they never called me Hippo I am still trying to work out, perhaps it is because my tail is wider than there’s? Never mind, the fascinating thing about Elephants is the fact that they communicate in more ways that … Continue reading Language of Elephants

Comments I will not approve

I received a comment on one of my posts related to South Africa. I write this because I will not approve it but would like to state why I have made such a decision. The comment was factual to a point the point that the numbers of murders it listed, the number of deaths caused by our current unrest and the past permanent unrest, the … Continue reading Comments I will not approve