Sanityfound Questioned… updated throughout the day…

So I’m doing something different, ok I’ll admit not at all unusual for me. On instagram I’ve posted an opportunity for people to ask me some wild or normal questions.  Most of which I hope to be able to answer… The answers to their questions below are either with my special blend of sarcastic humor or straight up, some will be with a mix of … Continue reading Sanityfound Questioned… updated throughout the day…

You know nothing, absolutely nothing… Until you travel

I once met a man when I was 14. He was drunk on homemade spirits at a clandestine rooftop get together in a country where alcohol is and was illegal. Everyone else was chatting away and he was sitting close to the edge by himself enjoying the night enshrouded city view before us. He was quiet for the longest time and I stood nearby half in fear … Continue reading You know nothing, absolutely nothing… Until you travel

Photography is having no regrets

My obsession with photography started when I got my first camera back when I was 10.  It was film and in those days crazy expensive so I savored each shot I took and very fast became addicted to that unique click that only a film camera can give off. Regardless of wether I was good or not, I realized that finally I had the power … Continue reading Photography is having no regrets

New Years Resolutions

Each year I try to be a good human and make New Years resolutions… some stick and others… well they just get plain revised to the more suitable older version of… well… me! Thank you all for all the laughs, inspiration and more laughs.  2017 has been a year of new friendships, new cookie flavours, new sights and new experiences, May 2018 bring that and … Continue reading New Years Resolutions

Skate on the Bay and Sunflowers

Day 1 in the life of a Wine Blogger series I arrived on a sunny Monday afternoon and was whisked off to a beautiful restaurant called Skates on the Bay. Sitting on top of the water (stilts not sitting sitting), the huge glass windows overlooking the bay, the fresh smell of the sea air… I fell in love with San Francisco right there and then. … Continue reading Skate on the Bay and Sunflowers

Pushing the boundaries of comfort zones

The beauty of long layovers and being stuck in an airport you get the time to think and ponder on life, where you have been and how far you’ve come.  Watching my fellow travelers pass me by I got to thinking about Comfort Zones… So often we live as we are taught, we follow what we are told about how we look, how to dress, … Continue reading Pushing the boundaries of comfort zones

What is sunshine without a storm?

Have you ever wondered what makes rainbows so magical or why it feels so good to come out of the house on a cold winters day and to feel the sunshine touch your face? Would we truly appreciate that feeling of the sun on our faces if it weren’t so bitterly cold? If we didn’t experience the cold would we still appreciate the sun? I … Continue reading What is sunshine without a storm?

Is forgiveness really possible?

Forgiveness is one of the world’s greatest mysteries, one that seems to always come with a short answer “just accept and move on”. Hah! Yeah right… seriously? Just accept it and move on? You have to be kidding people! After hearing that one liner so many times I stopped asking others how they came to forgive another. I started to realize that each of us … Continue reading Is forgiveness really possible?

An African Questioned…

A few slight misconceptions I am hoping that TV & Media have abolished… While travelling I was always asked the same questions about Africa, people thought of me as brave and courageous but I digress, the normal questions and my responses… Question: Aren’t you scared of walking around, what if the lions get you? My Answer: Not at all, if a lion were to come … Continue reading An African Questioned…

Scars on the Soul and acts of Kindness

At birth we are full of wonder, new sights, sounds and smells envelope our senses.  We are more open to people, learning and life. Something happens along the way and each year as we grow older we start learning that not all in the world is good, kind or nice.  We harden and start blocking our senses in order to protect what we hold dear. … Continue reading Scars on the Soul and acts of Kindness