Ubuntu in a Can

No I am not talking about the operating system, I am talking about an African saying that has been blown out by the Western world. What is the real Ubuntu? Pronounced as uu-Boon-too or uu-Bun-too. Ubuntu, also known as Unhu in other parts of Africa, is an ethical philosophy held by many Africans and now Westerners (First World) that focuses on how we treat one … Continue reading Ubuntu in a Can

Being an Ordinary Superhero

It’s a hard life being a Superhero don’t you think? I mean you get up out of bed, put your special gear on, decide whether to put your underwear under your clothes or above, brush your sparklies in your mouth and hopefully your hairballs, don some funky kick ass shoes and start your day. You either walk or jump in your car mobile that is … Continue reading Being an Ordinary Superhero

Words of Wisdom by the Dalai Lama

Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. When you lose don’t lose the lesson Follow the three R’s: …Respect for yourself …Respect for others, and …Responsibility for all your actions Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly Don’t let a little dispute … Continue reading Words of Wisdom by the Dalai Lama

The Life of TIK

Jani just turned 43, she has 5 children and is the sole bread winner for her family.  Each day she goes to homes to clean in order to make enough money to feed her children and to put them through school.  Her eldest, Ami, was just 21 when a friend of hers uttered the words “Come on just one hit, feel what I feel, it … Continue reading The Life of TIK

Smarties are the World

Just a normal box of smarties, a box filled with candy coated chocolate orbs of heaven.  Would that same box hold the same pleasure if all the chocolate inside was coated in one colour? Would it still be fun? As a kid I would love separating all the colours and then eating one by one, I’d count how many reds, how many blues, greens, oranges … Continue reading Smarties are the World

[place your politicians name here]

“Its always their fault isn’t it, never ours, no no no, don’t be crazy, how one earth can it be our fault? Come now, don’t be ridiculous, us? NEVER will it be our fault, hell no, get a life, wake up, smell some coffee. It’s not our fault it’s theirs!!!” “WAIT!” “What do you mean it is my fault? How dare you even begin to … Continue reading [place your politicians name here]

A Question for Religions

Mssc54 – you mentioned the below quote ironically after I wrote this post.  It is not connected to your beautiful comment. It is a bit freaky that our words were exactly the same hmm. I have a question for those who quote the bible, I am not going against it.  The questions I ask are honest and have no malicious intention, just one soul trying … Continue reading A Question for Religions

Rainbow Spotting

Do you remember as a kid looking out the window or into the sky in search of a rainbow? Don’t know about you but I absolutely loved rainbows and would get so excited when I spotted one.  As the rains came down I’d often just sit by the window and look out, waiting, hoping, wishing for that break in the cloud, those few rays of … Continue reading Rainbow Spotting

The 2% Mathematics Exam Result… the expozzay

I made a comment in the Weekly Fruit Salad with regards to my once exam  result for Mathematics, many queries later I feel the need to put the record straight. Firstly I must come clean… It wasn’t 2%, it was in fact 1%.  I was given 1% for having the audacity to stand up to my mathematics teacher.  Instead of answering the mathematic questions he … Continue reading The 2% Mathematics Exam Result… the expozzay