The life and times of an ordinary human being

Originally posted May 3, 2008 I have met some incredible people in my life time, I know I will meet some more along this road but so far the night sky is full of sparkling stars representing each and every one. Each has their own story, their own heart ache, they are ordinary human beings with hearts of gold. So often when we experience pain, heartache … Continue reading The life and times of an ordinary human being

The hype about Susan Boyle

Before I continue with this post, first watch the below video and see what you think… I’ve seen that name around quite a bit recently, you name it, facebook, blogs, general news and then about 30 emails telling me to watch it.  I didn’t, that is until last night on youtube. It was fascinating to watch the crowd pull their faces and groan at this … Continue reading The hype about Susan Boyle

You can still be free

It’s funny how some songs find you, once long lost they make their way back to your ears, for what ever reason they replay within the walls of your mind as the mundane tasks progress and life ticks forward. This song’s lyrics are so powerful, more powerful perhaps for their undercurrent meaning.  We get lost even though we seem found, we can feel sadness within … Continue reading You can still be free