Sharing Hurricane Irma

It’s surreal going through something you’ve so often seen on the news, I’ve lived in Florida now going on 8 years and we often have the watches for the hurricanes but they’ve always swung away. Not this time, no matter how much we spoke to the Weather Gods, prayed or told the weather man on the tv that he has it wrong and to go … Continue reading Sharing Hurricane Irma

South Africa: Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Every now and then when you visit a country you happen upon a place that leaves you with lasting memories and warm fuzzies.  The Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary was one such place for me. We stopped off at Jukani on the way to Oudtshoorn, after our Addo Safari adventure we wanted to get a taste of more animals and really liked the sound of visiting a place … Continue reading South Africa: Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

The Culture difference

I have travelled on and off since I was young both within South Africa and the world and through out my travels I have never stayed in a place longer than 3 years. Till now. For the first time in my life I am living in a foreign country going on now a total of 8 years, the longest time in one place and let … Continue reading The Culture difference

Why I visit Sanctuaries while travelling

When I travel I find I like to do the unordinary, of course I’ll find myself doing the normal touristy sites but more often than not I like to wonder off and see the real “place”, meet real people who aren’t tourist obsessed and get engrossed in where ever I am visiting’s culture. Animal Sancutaries are one of those places I actually seek out in … Continue reading Why I visit Sanctuaries while travelling

Part 7 – Heading to Cape Town

The Shark Diving finished around lunchtime so we stopped and had a quick bite to eat then hit the local grocery store to stock up on much need Road Trip supplies. At around 2pm we started the long journey to our final destination, Somerset West, a town about 30 minutes from Cape Town situated on he picturesque Helderberg mountains and just 15 minutes from the … Continue reading Part 7 – Heading to Cape Town

Part 5 – A Day out in Oudtshoorn

Back on the road again the scenery started to change from lush green forests and mountains to the desert like landscapes of the Klein Karoo. Beautiful oranges and sheep farms passed us by until we got into Oudtshoorn and checked into the Turnberry Boutique Hotel. Turnberry Boutique Hotel Another treat, the hotel put on a full South African braai (BBQ) with borewors (better than bratwurst), … Continue reading Part 5 – A Day out in Oudtshoorn