Domaine Carneros

Postcards from Domaine Carneros

When out in Northern California visiting the infamous Napa Valley, Domaine Carneros is just one of those must visit places. Now let’s be honest, the bubbles speak for themselves with their elegant simplicity that always has you reaching for a bottle to celebrate any kind of important occasion… such as the end of a Monday, the first bud of spring, the sun shining, laundry completed, imaginary … Continue reading Postcards from Domaine Carneros

Epic Grand Canyon Short Break

When Allegiant Air sends out their ever weekly email about the latest deals I often just browse and move on, more often than not the timing is never right for me with work and life. When I woke up one morning all filled with wonderlust I thought heck with it let me see where the pin will land. It landed in Mesa Arizona and for … Continue reading Epic Grand Canyon Short Break

Photography is having no regrets

My obsession with photography started when I got my first camera back when I was 10.  It was film and in those days crazy expensive so I savored each shot I took and very fast became addicted to that unique click that only a film camera can give off. Regardless of wether I was good or not, I realized that finally I had the power … Continue reading Photography is having no regrets

A Day out in Oudtshoorn

Back on the road again the scenery started to change from lush green forests and mountains to the desert like landscapes of the Klein Karoo. Beautiful oranges and sheep farms passed us by until we got into Oudtshoorn and checked into the Turnberry Boutique Hotel. Turnberry Boutique Hotel Another treat, the hotel put on a full South African braai (BBQ) with borewors (better than bratwurst), … Continue reading A Day out in Oudtshoorn