A South African in America – the Questions & Answers

I have now lived in America going on 8 years and I have to say a few of the questions I’ve been asked have put England to shame… some of them have been outrageous to the point that … well I really couldn’t help having some fun.  I’ve also had a few instances where my english is grossly misinterpreted and caused a bit of embarrassing … Continue reading A South African in America – the Questions & Answers

An African Questioned…

A few slight misconceptions I am hoping that TV & Media have abolished… While travelling I was always asked the same questions about Africa, people thought of me as brave and courageous but I digress, the normal questions and my responses… Question: Aren’t you scared of walking around, what if the lions get you? My Answer: Not at all, if a lion were to come … Continue reading An African Questioned…

South African Culinary Delights

*PG Rating – read at your own discretion due to language. It is not my fault it is the language of the nation. You are warned… Before you arrive: All tourists visiting South Africa should come hungry and with an open mind. Please do not take this suggestion lightly as it is well known that have a severe love for food and fermented grape juice. … Continue reading South African Culinary Delights

lioness yawn

An African in England Questioned

A little while ago I wrote An African Questioned… about all the questions I have received with regards to being African and growing up in Africa.  This is part two to that “Interview”, An African in England Questioned. Question: So are you finding England safer now, more relaxed walking down the street? My Answer: Well the one thing is I don’t need to look out … Continue reading An African in England Questioned

South African Tourism Website Q&A

I am in the mood for a laugh so I thought I’d share these Questions and Answers from a Tourism site here in SA that I managed to get off GPSA. The questions were answered by the site owner. I laughed so hard I almost cracked a rib, I am still giggling away – perhaps it is just me that has gone insane *shrug* *Hillbrow … Continue reading South African Tourism Website Q&A