Why I visit Sanctuaries while travelling

When I travel I find I like to do the unordinary, of course I’ll find myself doing the normal touristy sites but more often than not I like to wonder off and see the real “place”, meet real people who aren’t tourist obsessed and get engrossed in where ever I am visiting’s culture. Animal Sancutaries are one of those places I actually seek out in … Continue reading Why I visit Sanctuaries while travelling

Part 7 – Heading to Cape Town

The Shark Diving finished around lunchtime so we stopped and had a quick bite to eat then hit the local grocery store to stock up on much need Road Trip supplies. At around 2pm we started the long journey to our final destination, Somerset West, a town about 30 minutes from Cape Town situated on he picturesque Helderberg mountains and just 15 minutes from the … Continue reading Part 7 – Heading to Cape Town

Part 6 – Shark Diving Day

The next day we had a really early start.  I’m talking the crack of doom kind of early. But for a good cause… off to the White Shark Africa experience. Yes Great White Shark diving, you heard it right the first time… For years I would tell anyone and everyone that would listen that I most adamantly and categorically will never climb into any kind … Continue reading Part 6 – Shark Diving Day

Part 5 – A Day out in Oudtshoorn

Back on the road again the scenery started to change from lush green forests and mountains to the desert like landscapes of the Klein Karoo. Beautiful oranges and sheep farms passed us by until we got into Oudtshoorn and checked into the Turnberry Boutique Hotel. Turnberry Boutique Hotel Another treat, the hotel put on a full South African braai (BBQ) with borewors (better than bratwurst), … Continue reading Part 5 – A Day out in Oudtshoorn

Part 4 – Back on the Road again

The next day we headed out for the next leg in our road trip, Oudtshoorn.  But first a day of driving and sightseeing!  Driving through the valleys, hills and mountains once again I was reminded why South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I know I’m biased but thousands of non South African’s agree with me! First Stop Storm’s River … Continue reading Part 4 – Back on the Road again

Part 3 – Addo Elephant National Park

After a solid 48 hours journey we could officially say we were in South Africa! After a filling healthy breakfast (bacon and eggs is always healthy come on!) we headed out to Addo Elephant National Park.  I am an animal lover, specially wildlife in all shapes and sizes, and we decided to do a Safari right off the bat to get our “feet wet” in … Continue reading Part 3 – Addo Elephant National Park

Part 2 – The South African Trip begins!

May 31st arrived and we were all packed and ready to, no hitches, no tantrums, I am forever grateful! But you know all good plans go to pot when you’re not as young as you once were… but think you are! Original Plan: Spend the 11 hour layover in London seeing some sites ands getting reacquainted with the city. What actually happened during the 11 … Continue reading Part 2 – The South African Trip begins!

Part 1 : Ultimate South African Road Trip

It’s been 8 years to be exact since I was once in my homeland of South Africa.  For anyone that has moved abroad that is a long long time not to have your feet on the soil that is within your soul.  Too long. They say life happens while you’re making other plans, that’s the truth of life. First problem … A medical mishap – … Continue reading Part 1 : Ultimate South African Road Trip

An African Questioned…

A few slight misconceptions I am hoping that TV & Media have abolished… While travelling I was always asked the same questions about Africa, people thought of me as brave and courageous but I digress, the normal questions and my responses… Question: Aren’t you scared of walking around, what if the lions get you? My Answer: Not at all, if a lion were to come … Continue reading An African Questioned…