Accepting the skew picture frame

Oil Painting - 0201_450

Ever walked into a room and there up on the wall sits a photo or painting that is skew.  Does it drive you nuts or do you not care?

Don’t know about you but it drives me insane.  Perhaps this is just the Virgo in me coming out but I feel forced to correct it with haste.  That said I can’t always reach it without finding a ladder first, sometimes they are just too high up for my tallness.

Now lets say you didn’t correct it, you are aware of it and you have a whole bunch of friends over.  The whole time everyone is laughing and having fun you are slightly unsettled.  Your mind keeps drifting back to that skew picture up on the wall keeping you from enjoying the moment fully.  You laugh but it isn’t fully. You smile but it isn’t fully.  There is something else on your mind.

If you had accepted that the painting is skew and had peace with the fact that, no matter what, it will remain like that would you be able to enjoy the party more fully?  Would you be able to be fully “in the moment”?

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Slaying the Monsters

Self worth and love are interesting creatures.  When they aren’t present things  can turn nasty beyond our comprehension, the two silent killers. Think Godzilla with a bit of King Kong mixed in with Anaconda and Winnie the Pooh (sorry Pooh Bear). Monster 1: Nada-del-self-worth I am not worthy of their love I don’t deserve to be happy I don’t deserve the success The success I … Continue reading Slaying the Monsters

I am a worthwhile person who deserves love, friendship and kindness

No I was not paid to say that Once upon a time I was chatting to one particular friend and it came about that the one word we said with incredible regularity was “sorry”.  We both did. It got so ridiculous that we just stopped one day and said “Right the next person to say THAT word gets to write a post of the others … Continue reading I am a worthwhile person who deserves love, friendship and kindness

It’s because…

It’s because… I am a woman It’s because… I am a man It’s because… I am White It’s because… I am White-[add country here] It’s because… I am African It’s because… I am African-[add country here] It’s because… I am Asian It’s because… I am Asian-[add country here] It’s because… I am Latino It’s because… I am Latino-[add country here] It’s because… I come from … Continue reading It’s because…

Masonry Queen becomes Patient Gardener

I am the definition of contradiction, I am the Queen Mason and Patient Gardener, I am both and all at the same time. From the age of naught, since the time I was but a spec on the imagination of my mother and possibly my fathers mind’s, I have been the Gardener in the people I meet’s lives. A wilting flower? No sweat I will … Continue reading Masonry Queen becomes Patient Gardener

Graphic Play – Becoming

A simple graphic but with many symbolic representations. When I start out creating these images there is no plan, there is no idea in mind, they happen in a clear mind. This one is entitled Becoming, why? It is the transcension from the pre-awakened form to the new improved version. The symbols are everywhere, for me it was much like spot the difference, perhaps it … Continue reading Graphic Play – Becoming

The downward spiral of Self doubt…

What is self doubt and where does it come from? Have you noticed just how many people doubt their abilities or their talents? How often I have heard someone say to me that their art or something they have done is pathetic I could probably count on all yours, mines and the worlds toes. How many of us feel like failures when no one else … Continue reading The downward spiral of Self doubt…