Dream Camera for Travel and Wildlife

I’ll admit.  I’m a total tech junkie, I love new gadgets and anything that makes life simpler yet more fun, especially camera equipment. From time to time I plan on writing about the equipment I either dream of or actually have.  Currently I’m looking to upgrade my camera from a Canon T5i to something lighter, faster and full frame.

I know it may sound crazy, the T5i takes incredible photos no matter whether its wildlife or nature. So why on earth want to upgrade?

My research lead me to the proverbial door of the Sony A7r iii

Yes I know… my first DSLR was Canon and I’m a total Canon girl (Nikon users shush).  Loyal to a fault I would never consider looking at another brand but sadly in order to upgrade my current Canon T5i, which is an awesome little camera, to a full frame I need to get a heavier camera.

Canon still doesn’t have a full frame mirrorless camera I am sighing very dramatically here so my only real option is to go for the Canon 80D or the Canon 5D Mark IV – both of which are full frame but still heavy.

Both would definitely be incredible and would suit my growing need for full frame high mega pixels but the weight of the camera is something that would limit me greatly.  As it is holding the T5i with my 70-300 lens has me nursing my arm for days.

Ever since my botched surgery and the subsequent rebuild of my hand I just can’t hold too much weight for too long. This is a huge problem for someone that loves to take photos every single day and someone that is passionate to the point of becoming a contortionist in order to the shot!

So why Sony A7r iii? I’ve been reading up and watching review videos on anything I could get my hands on but I have a few standard requirements.

  1. It needs to be light weight
  2. Needs to be smaller than most DSLR’s
  3. Needs a high ISO for indoor sports and night landscapes
  4. Full Frame
  5. Wifi or Bluetooth enabled
  6. High megapixels
  7. Fast autofocusing for sports and animal photography
  8. 7+ frames per second for the sports and animals.

Not too tall of an order except it seems that there really is only one light full frame camera on the market that covers all of the above listed things and that is the Sony A7r iii.

Whats even a bigger selling point for me is the fact that all my Canon lenses will work like native lenses on the Sony body. This is huge! I won’t need to replace any of my current lenses with Sony ones (which are super expensive!).

Watch this review of the Sony a7r ii and tell me you’re not sold as well.

The only catch for me right now is that my dream equipment is over $3000.

Thats so many flights to somewhere, so many adventures all wrapped up in a piece of equipment.  Until Canon comes up with something unfortunately I will be saving every cent now not only for travel but this beauty of a camera!

Do you have a Sony A7r iii? What do you think of it or do you have a light weight full frame that I haven’t considered?

Please share your thoughts, I’m always open to suggestions and learning as I go!

Featured photo: Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

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4 thoughts on “Dream Camera for Travel and Wildlife

  1. My number one requirement for a camera has always been portability. I’m less likely to carry around something heavy and bulky, which would translate to fewer opportunities to capture what I see. I use a Sony mirrorless camera right now, and I love how easy it is. I’d also be interested in lightweight options, since I’m due for an upgrade. Would love to hear what you find!

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