Give, Hope, Love, Live

So many times in life we shy away from things because we have been hurt before, we shy away from the very things that we want most of all. The fear of disappointment can sometimes take over our need or want, hiding it into the oblivion and warping our perceptions.

Those perceptions can often get thrown “helter skelter” and as we go on they get more warped and bent out of shame, they turn into those negative biases that break down our confidence in ourselves, our views on who we are and our courage to give, hope, love and live as we should.

No matter how far gone we are down the road of helter skelter there will be that one person that challenges our views, our thoughts of ourself and the one person that will give us courage to open up our souls and to be vulnerable again. It isn’t a short process though, it may start with a couple of jump starts, a few hurdles, but as we climb over the hills that are thrown our way we grow, we expand into what we should be. We start living and accepting the very things that we have hoped for our whole lives, we start to believe it is our right.

The right to be loved and to love back, the right to live as we want to, doing the things we dream of doing can be a scary thing. So often we are brought up to think that we don’t deserve it, so often life’s trials make us think that we don’t deserve it, but it is just the opposite to reality. In reality all that has gone before is preparing us for what is coming our way. If we never experience heartbreak how will we know how to avoid it in the future, what to do differently, how to look out for the signs and mend them along the way. If we don’t experience pain how will we know what can hurt us and ultimately what we want out of life.

Think about it, if we didn’t have the bad things happen to us in our lives, what type of person would we really be today?

This is my question for the day…

First published 2008

5 thoughts on “Give, Hope, Love, Live

  1. you know, I’ve thought of this before in my own life…there were SO MANY details at the time that did suck (I was small for my age, had big ears, had a last name that was easy to tease about, I was very get the idea.)…well it was those very negative things that have caused me to have compassion for the underdog, and sensitivity to other people….I’ve come to embrace my ears, my name, I’m no longer scrawny…but I’ve thought sometime…if I “had it all together” when I was younger, I could very easily have become an arrogant twit.

  2. I have often thought as you have, what would we be like if we didn’t have certain lessons early on… it’s sobering. Thanks for your comment DM 🙂

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