A 3D World


Do you remember the first time you saw a map of the world, how small and flat it looked? That’s the perception your subconscious retains until you travel to a foreign land, step off the plane, smell the air around you, take in the view … that’s when you realise that the world is in fact 3 dimensional.

For some this is an awakening, for others its just a regular transition in thinking process, the ones that experience the awakening on the ones that never get tired of new places, new cultures or experiences. They are born with it in their blood; they are bitten by the idea that there is so much to see and so little time.

You will find them sitting in the place they call “home” getting itchy feet; they will suddenly go online and research the flight specials of the moment. They talk with passion and intensity on their experiences, dreams, the next place to see and the people they have met.

There are two breeds of people on this planet we call earth, those who view the world in 2D and those who view it in 3D.

Thank goodness there aren’t more of us out there otherwise there would just be too many tourists out there exploring the places yet to be explored by us!

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