Kill the Criminals

Read that in the latest news edition sent to my inbox, why I continue to read them I don’t know perhaps just to know where I stand in this country and what is going on in the outside world. So our Deputy Minister of Safety and security announces at the Anti-Crime Imbizo (conference) yesterday that the police must kill the bastards if they threaten them or the community… WOW how eloquent is she???

It seems that South Africa’s crime has finally gotten to someone in government and in the right sector to! This said our president still believes that we don’t have a crime problem. Hats off to this woman but I don’t believe this new no-tolerance shoot to kill principle will do any good, if anything it has just handed over the rights to do what they please to the police who are well known to be one of the most corrupted in the country. I realise the police need to protect themselves, and should the situation call for it then yes use force if it means stopping a situation, but could they not rather shoot the criminal in the leg or his arm enabling him to be put behind bars and get a taste of things there?

No matter what happens I think the criminals will still have the upper hand until they fix the judicial system and put decent sentences in place. Instead of letting rapists out in under 6 months (and this is for multiple rapes) put them behind bars for decades, if not life. For murder, instead of putting them behind bars for two years or less put them there for life. Don’t let the mass-murderers free, use our tax money wisely on these issues instead of your fat bonuses or helping other nations before your own.

I do believe that South Africa’s Deputy Safety & Security Minister has just publicly announced a) that the government don’t have a handle of the crime war (obviously), b) that she has no faith in our judicial system and finally c) she is as desperate as the rest of us South African’s

The best line for me from this article is “I say that criminals must be made to pay for their crimes. The constitution says criminals must be kept safe, but I say No!,”


If you want to read the full article you can click here Kill the criminals: deputy minister

I am not an expert nor have I ever been involved in the police force, I can only imagine what the good cops go through every day and the horrors they see… all I can see though with this new “instruction” is in the heat of the situation a teenager will be playing with a water pistol and get shot because someone thought it was real.

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