Life isn’t everything

Life isn’t everything, the only words uttered during Elton John’s “Song for a Guy”, a total of five minutes and that is all that is said, how prophetic is that?

When one thinks of life we always tend to focus on the things we have, the material possessions and the inconsequential things that at the end of the day mean absolutely nothing. We don’t focus on those little moments in time that mean the world to us, the small gestures that people do, the happiness that one smile can bring or the heat of a sunny day on our backs.

When we wake up in the morning we do not know if it is our last, we do not know what heart ache could come our way or what disappointments lay in wait for us. If we go through out the day expecting them we may miss the things that we store in our hearts for the rainy days. If we are negative all the time how do we build up the winter storage within our souls to enable us to get through the dark patches?

Life isn’t everything, there is more to life than meets the eye, if we open them we shall also see the beauty that surrounds us and the hearts little treasures that lie waiting for us to pick up and store. This is my message to you today, do not store the things that mean nothing in reality. Rather, put a smile on your face and actively look for the things with meaning for they will be the very things that pull you through a dark day, not a shiny new toy or the petty argument you just had.

Life is short, live it…!

5 thoughts on “Life isn’t everything

  1. Thanks for your little story- it meant alot to me at a really bad time in my life. You put a different spin on things for me.

  2. Thank you for two reasons.

    firstly you’ve summed up my entire outlook on life, as i sit here typing im listening to elton and thinking “you know what, im strong enough to take whatever this shit storm has to offer and i’m gonna survive with my chin held high”

    Our lives are ful of such wonderful things, relationships, kids, friends everything so much that we take for granted, but to which without we would be nothing.

    thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

    and secondly for nigh on 14 years i have been searching for this song (Song for a guy) i first heard it as a 9 year old whilst on the dover-calais sea cat and since that day it’s been somewhat of a mystery to me what this song was. i’ve heard it about 3 other times since that day most recently in the hallmark card shop where i scrambled to hte counter to see what cd it was only to be told it was a corporate radio thing and they had no idea what the melody was. I wanted this music for my dad’s funeral 5 years ago, i think it would of summed up the entire being of my father he was like me, an optimist always dogged by bad experiences, but it was the good things in our lives that keep or kept us going such as friends and love.

    anyways enough rambling, whilst watching UKGOLD last night, Alan partridge muttered the lyrics i’d been longing to hear for sometime (i thought the lyrics were “what a wonderful feeling” i have no idea why but they just seem to fit) so thanks in part to steve coogan, ukgold and more importantly your blog, to which i found the osng title but more i found this article which has made me think somewhat that despite all the crap im going through there always a light at the end of the tunnel.

    thanks once more

    a complete nutter (although it seems that way, im actually quite normal sometimes lol)



  3. Jim You are the first complete stranger I have “met” that calls anyone let alone themselves a nutter – thats my line! lol!

    I am beyond, well I don’t know the words, that this post meant to what it did to you, that the words were felt by you so deeply. There is nothing worse than only having a snippet of a song in your head, that little bit of melody not knowing where to find it… well it drives me nutso anyways.

    From your words alone I know that you are strong enough, what ever it is thats rocking your world will pass and you will come out the other end all polished, stronger and more steady – a flower blooming? Or is that too corny? Yip corny.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment, it is always incredible knowing what others think of ones thoughts, in a sense knowing that we are not alone! SF

  4. Well done on your valuable segment there. It`s funny you know, I don`t think it was till I was a christian for a few years that I really thought of the fact that I might start a day which I might not see the end of! Yes life is fragile, though, it still needs to be lived…but for sure, not taking it for granted.

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