Life’s decisions…

So often we make decisions that are life changing ones… there are two types of people out there, those who make the decisions in an instant because it feels right and their gut says do it and then those that can take up to years to make a single decision… buy a house, change job, move country, start a family.

Which is better?

Those who decide on a gut feeling or an instinct live more, they see more and experience more fore they hold the belief that you only live once and you have to enjoy it, you have to live life not waste it worrying about things that may never happen… they deal with the consequences as they happen… if they happen…

Those that contemplate, contemplate and contemplate more and more ten to one make the right decision in the end but then it is not a certainty either, not a sure thing if it is the correct one. The decisions that they need to make keep them up at night, cause them stress sometimes beyond words and comprehension, they tend to over analyze the situations to come… all this leading to the point where they can not make a decision because the pressure is too much.

Which way is better I do not know, yes I know which one I am, what I do and how I do it… but which is better is the question… Quite possibly a balance between the two? Perhaps not?

I don’t know … the one thing I do know is that I choose not to be the second type, not saying I have not sat for months with a decision in my lap, but life is full of decisions and I choose the first one 🙂

The choice is yours, this is your life, this is your chance to do what you want with it, to live it the way you want to… if something feels good to you, makes sense to you and your instinct overrides all else… go for it, don’t hold back, bite the bullet and deal with the consequences later, live more fore you never know tomorrow you may be dead and then what…?

4 thoughts on “Life’s decisions…

  1. Reading this has helped me put into perspective which option I am. Sadly it’s the latter. I am so indecisive and always worrying about the outcome. You really do have to live and deal with whatever comes your way when it does. I am trying to be more of the ‘living in the moment’ person. Anyway your blog is awesome and speaking to me in so many ways. Thanks.

  2. L – Although I am the “living in the moment” person now I wasn’t always and I still have moments where I swing towards the second option. Neither is bad as long as you are living and living fully. Thanks so much, I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog 🙂

    Out of interest do you have a blog?

  3. Listen to your heart. Then use you head to examine the pros and cons of the situation to reach a rational decision. Then go with what your heart told you.

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