Life’s Journey

Life’s journey can be a strange one, everyone at the end of the day experiences similar emotions as they go through their lives, live and be. Collectively we all experience saddness, happiness, frustration, anger, hurt, pain, jealousy and fear. I know sometimes it is hard to imagine that grumpy angry man or woman standing in the bank ranting at the teller having a breakdown the night before, its hard to imagine those kids bullying others (even yourself) having emotion at all other than rage but at the end of the day we all do, at the end of the day we are all human.

Our journey’s take on different forms almost as there are lessons to be learnt along the way that make us individually stronger in different ways in order for us to fit into the big greater puzzle of life. If we do not experience the hardships we do or the joys we do how would we ever be able to interact with one another?

I am often castigated for my attitude of “what will be will be” and the one of “if it is meant to be it will be” but at the end of the day these words have become my core belief, it is my religion and not mine alone. Everything has its place … where I am going with this you ask? Well it all goes back to our effect on one another and the true weight of our actions. A simple smile at a fellow driver on the road can brighten their day, an offer to help someone could save a life without you even knowing…

Guess the strange morale of this story is that we must never forget that we all have an effect on one another and that nothing is passed by, we are all going through pain it is just up to us how we deal with it, how we handle it and how we treat others in the process.

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