Never stop breathing in the aroma of Life

coffee_whattoknow1-e1470339642725Sometimes I will sit as I am outside with the wind blowing through my hair, the cool night air touching my skin and my mind slows to contemplate the chaos of my mind, heart and soul. I am a kid in an adults body, my soul is still young, I still have awe at the little things in life and am eternally fascinated in the inner workings of the whys and hows. I say my soul is young for the fact that the greater picture causes unease within me, it is just outside my grasp and yet it is there in the palm of my hand. I can see it before me, my soul’s goal as if it were a painting, oh so far and yet so close. It frustrates me at times that I can’t move faster, learn more, experience more with the eternal fear that I will run out of time before the next.

Our souls are so often plagued by the irrational what ifs of life that often we lose track of the current, today, living today and learning today. We go through life trying to succeed and learn so much that often it forces us to slow down by confusing us. We get that oh so far and yet so close feeling that I mentioned, it can frustrate us beyond reason often bringing about the compulsion to pull ones hair out in chunks!

So often in life we sit and focus on the things we don’t understand not waiting for the understanding to come to us, not waiting for the lesson to become clear, it is almost as if we force the issue before its time. We stop feeling the awe of waking up and looking through the curtains at a beautiful morning with clear skies, we stop feeling the true beauty of the simplistic of things that surround us, we stop picking a flower and breathing in it’s beautiful scent.

Do you ever hold your coffee cup just under your nose and breath in the rich aroma then sigh in bliss? When last did you pick that flower and put it to your nose breathing it its sweet beautiful scent? When last did you sit by the ocean feeling the waves crash against the sand with the spray touching your skin? When last did you go outside when it rains just to stand there letting the rain drops touch your tongue with your arms open and a smile on your face?

We lose the wonder of living when we focus on the past, when we focus on the future, when we focus on our failures or our successes too much and not enough on the true wonders of the here and now. When you’re feeling your lowest, when you can’t face another day and you just want to bury yourself under that warm lush duvet force yourself in an upwards movement out of that bed and go pick a flower. If its raining, run outside in your pyjama’s open your mouth and let the raindrops touch your tongue, let them mingle with the tears on your cheeks.  You will soon find that the days hold more for you and your soul will be lighter…

We all have to go through painful times, we all have to heal with time and in time, our time. During our darkest days, connecting back with nature can bring a little bit of light in the night of the soul, allowing its energy to wash over you has the most amazing healing powers.

Go make a fresh cup of coffee, hold your nose close to the cup, close your eyes and take a big breath, breathe in its aroma and you will soon find yourself smiling…

10 thoughts on “Never stop breathing in the aroma of Life

  1. Yep, I have done that, and now look forward to going home and having a cup, and hearing the peeps in the swamp on the way home, and feeling the rain mix with tears; and the songs you chose to go along with really are perfect.

  2. I really love this post! It is from the heart …. and so genuinely expressed. You should be very proud of yourself for it seems as if you are in the process of “awakening”. God bless you! 🙂

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