New Years Resolutions

Each year I try to be a good human and make New Years resolutions… some stick and others… well they just get plain revised to the more suitable older version of… well… me!

Thank you all for all the laughs, inspiration and more laughs.  2017 has been a year of new friendships, new cookie flavours, new sights and new experiences, May 2018 bring that and even more to all of you… and me of course!

Here are my official New Years resolutions for the year that is 2018.  There are so so many resolutions, I’ll add more as I go on!

New Years resolutions for 2015 2016 2017 2018

  1. Lose more weight again
  2. Get fit next year
  3. Give up chocolate cookies bread
  4. Give up wine Drink different types of wine
  5. Visit California again and raid NFV’s cellar again
  6. Learn how to cook a over-sized bird called a Turkey Bread
  7. Travel more even more
  8. Sort out the junk in that cupboard life
  9. Enjoy the culinary delights and adventures of TripGourmets without stuffing my face.
  10. Do at least one five bucket list items
  11. Remember to make sure no cookie crumbs are left on face when leaving house.
  12. Learn Spanish Italian Swahili Russian
  13. Plan and put together a Wine Tasting tour of South Africa
  14. Don’t correct people who think I am Canadian Kiwi Aussie
  15. Travel to South Africa Iceland
  16. Learn Wandersmiles beard travel secrets
  17. Procrastinate less Do less laundry
  18. Watch more of the iZogAdventure vlogs and travel antics and live vicariously through them
  19. Do 2 minute Watch planks, they are interesting
  20. Visit MadhattersNYC exciting version of New York City fully, including cookie food tastings.
  21. Remember to check the weather before going for a walk wearing a white shirt
  22. Try some of this Dracaena wine I keep hearing about
  23. Don’t get into discussions with people about politics unless its British
  24. Go visit the gym Jim at Starbucks
  25. Learn more about wine, how to pronounce food and luxury travel from Napafoodandvine
  26. Watch and cheer DestinationAddict cycle from Manchester to Iran for Mental Health
  27. Learn how to say pawn not porn
  28. Follow and try do TouringTastebuds crazy backyard adventures via blogs and vlogs.
  29. Don’t be jealous Take notes when RetiredandTravelling announces what adventures are to come.
  30. Stop asking for pot plants at stores.
  31. Follow along theWannabeGypsy’s adventures in Vegas and world while remembering that the “strip” means a piece of road not anything else…
  32. Remember a robot is a traffic light in America.
  33. Immerse myself and take copious notes of the wild things AWorldWithYou have done including Australia (suck it up you South African you its not rugby)
  34. Continue to push the boundaries of my comfort zone
  35. Remember Canada has sunshine and art plus learn more about the world from TravelasIseeit
  36. Be wild like Roarloud
  37. Watch more adventure videos from Travelling Bellies and don’t drool all over their food photos
  38. If you can’t stop drooling do it in style.
  39. Paint a wall Street art style
  40. Stop doing Be more stylish while doing Do more excited happy dances when you hear people speaking Afrikaans in the store.
  41. Remember that scars on the soul can tie in with everything happens for a reason
  42. Go for more runs walks
  43. Eat less more bacon
  44. Laugh more
  45. Love more
  46. Believe more
  47. See more
  48. Continue to live the way of Ubuntu

6 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

    1. Lol glad you enjoyed and this is the toned down version for the public! We are all creative in different ways, mine seems to be fueled by a constant supply of cookies and coffee.

  1. #11 should be hubby’s resolution, that’s one of Justin’s official jobs! I get the “you have chocolate on your chin” warning on the regular 🙂

    I agree wholeheartedly with #17, and I’m wearing yesterday’s clothes to prove that I’m serious about it.

    Oh, and definitely yes to #20! 😉

    Thanks for always bringing the humor, and here’s to more in 2018!

    1. ROFL I need a Justin to do the checking! How does one find one! #20 should be happening in September 😉
      Laughter is the best medicine in a world of chaos, I take this very seriously lol
      Heres to less laundry and more laughter!

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