Once Bitten

bugDo you remember when the bug first bit, that moment when you felt the teeth sink into your heart, when you knew your life had changed irrevocably, forever?

As life goes on one forgets the moments when the fork appeared in the road, the bug has that effect, one day your life is normal the next a new world has awakened, your eyes see for the very first time that you are not alone in this world.

The Travel Bug, once bitten, there is no cure it steals your money, it changes your dreams, it transforms your soul to new possibilities yet unexplored.

When it bit me? My first trip overseas, at the age of 14 I travelled with my 7yr old brother alone. The start wasnt as smooth and would not entice any kind of bug to bite landed in Kenya during their elections then off to Saudi Arabia the bug started nibbling the culture so different No the bug bit me when I hit London on foot and alone walking any which way the road took me, thats when I felt the freedom of exploring the unknown world.

Do you remember when the bug bit you?

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