Our Tools

The tools we use for our Adventures…


Sometimes we stay in luxury hotels and at other times the cheap motel, hostel and more often than not Airbnb.  It all depends on our destination and the budget we have available for the trip.  Sometimes we splurge and sometimes we save on the digs in order to go wild on the experiences… like I said it all depends on the destination! 


Hotel’s are great but sometimes, especially when we are in a new city, we like to stay with people who know the lay of the land.  It’s great to meet people, find out great hidden gems in the city you’re visiting and adds a personal touch to any vacation!


We use Booking.com more than Expedia for the fact that it is easy to navigate and find better and cheaper hotels.  Added to that their awesome customer service makes anyone smile!


Don’t know about you but I like seriously good deals on flights yet often I’m a little clueless about when best to fly.  Because of this I like to use both of these sites together and then from there book what ever flight that fits the budget!

Google Flights

What I love most about this site is the fact that you can explore the destination map that shows you the best prices for each city in every country.  This equals more options i.e. it may be cheaper to fly in to Manchester than London saving you a good $300 for a return.  


I use the phone app as well as their website, and when I’m feeling in the need of some dreaming I head over to them for some exploration and to see what deals are going on.  

It’s a fun app and you can get some incredible flight deals that don’t seem to be anywhere else! 

More will be added soon!

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