Personalities formed?

How are personalities formed is the question…

Is it from our up bringing, the things we experience, our interactions with people? Or is it part of our soul that guides us into being who we are?

Are the things people say about us transformed into the way we feel about ourselves, even when they are untrue?

Peoples perceptions of us I find warp our views on the world, how we deal with others, ourselves and who we are. We lose track of the truth, our soul’s truth, of who we really are, of our core. This fact I find eternally sad, that our core only comes out under undue stress and strain, that our true personality is the one that comes out and shines during a period of survival instinct.

Survival instinct is our basic core function, it is the primal being, the primal you and me, it is us in our truest form… and although trying it is also the most beautiful to see. I know that sounds sadist but to see that core in another is like to see them as a new born, shedding their outer worldly moulded exterior, being reborn. During this phase it is as if our souls break out of that worldly cocoon and we become the butterfly… Think about it…

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