Sanityfound Questioned… updated throughout the day…

So I’m doing something different, ok I’ll admit not at all unusual for me.

On instagram I’ve posted an opportunity for people to ask me some wild or normal questions.  Most of which I hope to be able to answer…

The answers to their questions below are either with my special blend of sarcastic humor or straight up, some will be with a mix of both.

Each question has a link back to the person who asked the question, go check them out as they are awesome instagrammers and give them a follow or a holler!

Q: From Travelling_bellies 

Why did you leave your beautiful country?? 😊

A: Though South Africa has amazing wildlife, beautiful landscapes and a huge chunk of my heart I found myself craving real transport in the form of these 4 wheeled thingies called I believe auto-mobiles (?).  Riding an Elephant or even a cheetah can get old and if you have ever smelt the air-conditioning from these creatures you will understand.

On a serious note it was one of the hardest decisions of my life, it is a diverse and beautiful country but there were limited opportunities, corrupt politics and when the xenophobic attacks took place I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Q: From Tripgourmets 

What would you rather do? Be a Nomad forever and never stay at a place longer than a year or being on one place for the rest of your life?

Honestly I would choose nomad.  Did you know that South Africa isn’t the only country using a cheetah for transport or a donkey to deliver mail? I thought we were special like that but nope. Travel has opened my eyes to a whole world of wonderful cultures, sights, sounds, food and amazing creatures! It has shown me that what I was told when I was 14 is true.

Q: From ldhtravelatwill

Have you got a marriage proposal yet on IG that will get you back to South Africa 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry. Couldn’t resist 😀

Sorry had to first wipe the coffee off my chin, didn’t expect this one!!!

Sadly no marriage proposals that would get me to South Africa but I have had a number of them from wonderful very far off lands, been offered a few tigers, a lion and an elephant.  Even been told to visit estates that I could live on if I married them.

When I started on Instagram I had no idea it was a dating service too! Who knew has nothing on the amazing dating service Instagram provides!

Q: From wandersmiles

How do you trim your beard? 😂 What was the place like that you grew up in? Farmland or city??


The answer to your first question…

It’s a tricky one and a sneaky question too hmm… I’m the get up and go kind of girl so not too much trimming but rather just comb my fingers through the beard and make sure all of last nights dinner and any stray cookie crumbs are out of the finely tuned locks.  Following that I take one of those special hair devices that give it super duper curls… the other secrets I shan’t be sharing just yet!

As for your second question.  I grew up in both City and Farmland.  Cape Town is a city where baboons break in to houses and raid the fridge, leopard spottings happen near where I lived, vineyards are everywhere and shopping malls are visited. We like to laugh at what the foreigners think re wild animals roaming but alas it is true.

Living between two oceans and surrounded by mountains it was nothing but beach days and mountain hikes.  Farmland wise… I know how to steal apples, lets leave it at that!

Q: From touringtastebuds

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?!

Hah an easy one! Cookies, lots and lots of cookies! I consider them an around food choice as they have protein, carbs and am sure if we really look into it, vitamins and minerals!

Q: From izogadventure

If you could live anywhere with an unlimited budget, where would you be?

If I said planet earth would that be cheating??? Hey, I had to try! I think it would be Ireland, a country close to my roots and even closer to Europe.

I consider both Ireland and the UK “Middle Earth”, yeah sure it rains an awful lot but the proximity to all that history and countries is like none other!  They also don’t beat us at rugby all that often, this helps.

Still want to cheat though and say planet earth…

Q: From cattibrie_fr

What is the earliest happy memory you can recall 😊 ? How old were you in that memory?

File Jan 11, 2 43 50 PM

Hmm I’d have to say when I got my first bike, I think I was around 2 or 3. I was so in love with my father’s big bike that he got me a little yellow one so I could be just like him.  He cut a hole in the top in the same place his keys would go and gave me his spares so that I could pretend to be like him.

I remember feeling so excited that he’d given me my own keys and bike, I spent some serious hours washing it and pretending to ride it with all the vroom vroom noises.

It’s one of my earliest memories, one of the happiest. 🙂

Q: From traceyg

Stunning landscape Audrey!

It’s with some serious help from both On1 and Luminar to be honest.

Q: From spk_studios

Have you ever been afraid of any thing or any place, which you have visited already or not to do such a thing?

This is an interesting one, I have lived an extremely full life and experienced so much both from growing up in South Africa and traveling.

I’d have to say one of the scariest travel related times was probably when I was visiting Kenya during their elections. The supporters from the losing political party were angry because their guy hadn’t won and were rioting with extreme violence. Out of the whole week we ended up only coming outdoors for 2 days once the “dust” had settled. I recommend to anyone traveling to avoid any country during an Election (be it in Africa or even a first world country), just avoid them all.

I was also stalked at the São Paulo airport in Brazil, this guy followed me everywhere including the bathroom. I managed to get out and find safety thanks to a good samaritan. Now that was an adventure, our plane was called and I was out of there pronto!

Other than that I would rather sky dive than strap myself to a rope and bungee jump off a bridge any day.  That nonsense is just crazy scary… just plain no ways.

Q: From destinationaddict 

What is your no.1 flavour of cookie? 🍪

Soft-and-Chewy-White-Chocolate-Macadamia-Nut-Cookies-8Haha I was waiting for the cookie question to come up! My ultimate fave? It has to be the white chocolate macadamia! My brain goes into a total fuzz just at the smell of them freshly baked, I can’t think and can’t do anything but focus on getting the cookie and savoring it in all it’s deliciousness!!!

Q: From madhattersnyc

How did you decide where to settle in the US, and what do love most about the place you currently live in?

When I first moved to the States I lived for a year in New Jersey, even got my license driving the wrong side of the road in the middle of winter (Yes I still shake my head to this one). Ultimately driving through blizzards did it for me so I looked for a State on the East coast that had more sun, less of the white stuff and that black ice nonsense (though now I really miss the white stuff).

As to the second part of your question, don’t laugh now, but I really enjoy the winters here in Florida, they last about 2-3 weeks in total.  Not constantly, I’m talk about 2 days a week of winter then nice pretend fall weather for the rest.

In the beginning I would’ve told you the palm trees, now I just want to spray paint them in fall colors so I feel like we have 4 seasons!

Q: From thespiffytraveller

Where is your next trip?

This year one of my New Years resolutions is to live more on the edge and spur of the moment.

If I see a deal that fits my budget and my work schedule I’ll be doing it, as crazy as it sounds. Planned trips so far are for Yosemite, New York state, the UK and Iceland (if I get my visa to both!).

For me plans change at the drop of a hat so I generally go with the flow 🙂

Q: From topahokya

Among your works which one is your favourite? And why?

I think I have a tie and they are both of my lion black and whites.

For me and wildlife photos it’s always about the eyes, the emotions and the stories they tell. This lion was so emotive and knowing his story of harrowing abuse he survived, he’s strong and is still able to play and be the lion he was meant to be.

His story matches mine in many ways.

Q: From l_paparazzi_l

Hmm my question is….if u have a chance to visit Asia, where is the first place u want to visit?

Easy, I want to visit Thailand! Then go to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. The history and culture fascinates me!

Q: From the_wannabe_gypsy

My question is: Will you take me there? Lets run away together with a box of cookies and a bottle of wine.

Just one box? Woman, listen we need more than one box of cookies and one bottle of wine!

Q: From aworldwithyou_

How many cookies have you had in the last 24 hours? Be honest 😜

Seriously why why whyyyyyyyyy! Honestly I lost count at… well… um… 5 (?) but they were really really tiny…

Q: From keaninsta

Obviously you are an animal lover and traveller. What animal has been the most memorable to you, and which place has been one of the most memorable places you have been?

For me it has to be elephants, the way they care for their family and friends is admirable and endearing. The exhibit genuine emotions of love, sadness and anger.

As for the most memorable place, I’d have to say the Grand Canyon, as cheesy as it is. Sitting on the cliff edge with nothing but views in front of me filled me with such quiet and peace, all the politics and stress of the world just fell away into the ether.


6 thoughts on “Sanityfound Questioned… updated throughout the day…

  1. Thank you for answering my questione Audrey! I totally understand your point… I feel the same in Italy (not so many opportunities and also corruption) but at the end I didn’t leave! And sometimes I regret It!

    1. Every country has pro’s and con’s, the violence my country went through was terrible to watch and experience. It’s different to visit vs live. It also has many bad memories for me which in the end was one of the tipping points to me making the decision to leave. I still question it every day but I know in my heart I made the right decision for me. You never know what the future may hold, or what opportunities may knock on your door… hold faith

  2. I love the idea of a live-update post, Audrey! I can certainly relate to some of the challenges attached to having to leave home (and make a new one). We’ll have to trade was stories over cookies someday!

    1. It was fun, some questions really made me think lol! Swapping war stories over cookies sounds sounds like fun, going to remind you when we meet lol!

  3. This was such a fun way to get to know you better. Great questions and answers. I did jump out of perfectly good airplanes – over 150 times. But I too would never bungee jump. Way to hard on the body!

    1. That’s a 150 more times than me though I hope to correct this issue in the next year lol! Many of my readers have been with me since the beginning a whole 10 years ago. Most of my new readers not so thought it a good way to get to interact and spill a bit of the proverbial beans.

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