Skate on the Bay and Sunflowers

Day 1 in the life of a Wine Blogger series

I arrived on a sunny Monday afternoon and was whisked off to a beautiful restaurant called Skates on the Bay.

Sitting on top of the water (stilts not sitting sitting), the huge glass windows overlooking the bay, the fresh smell of the sea air… I fell in love with San Francisco right there and then.

We ordered our wine (as one does when dining with a wine blogger) and ordered our food. Thank goodness California Girl knows how to pronounce just about any name of food because I would’ve embarrassed myself.

Then the Sushi arrived. Now I’ve had sushi before, and honestly, I thought the stuff I’d had was delicious, but this was like nothing I had ever had! It was so beautifully presented and tasted beyond delicious. Mouthwatering!

I was stuffed beyond reason but California Girl knows me well. The waitress came and asked if we wanted dessert and my eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas time.  We decided to share in order to save my sweet tooth guilt and ordered the chocolate decadence dessert with fresh fruit. Any dessert that has fresh fruit has to be healthy for you!  Even though I had no space left after the sushi I found myself treasuring each single bite of it of the chocolate goodness. I was in sweet tooth heaven!

Now California Girl has eaten at this place a few times before and this is what she had to say about it:

I do love their desserts. The chocolate quenelle was rich, and good depth of chocolate flavor with an interesting dimension of goats cheese to cut the sweet and topped with pistachio nuts. I really enjoyed the bites I had. It was a wow! The berry scrape along with the fresh berries was amazing. They lifted the dark chocolate to heaven.”

Um yeah… see… I ate what ever she said! All I know is that it tasted out of this world in the whole “transport me to heaven” way!

As I sat there looking at the view and chatting with my good friend, enjoying the wine and savoring it all I couldn’t help but feel sated, satisfied, and happy.

I was off to a good start to a week of investigating the life of a wine blogger.  I thought man if this is how good it’s going to be I’m going to be in heaven!

And then she told me she was taking me to the Sunflower fields in Fairfield!

Sunflower with blue sky

If you know anything about me you’d know that I have a deep, no I mean really deep, love of sunflowers.  It goes back to my childhood and for me it is a symbol of hope and happiness.  To me it’s as if the sunflower is all bright and happy reminding us that with a little bit of sun we too can shine.

Fairfield Sunflower Field

Come one, how can one not be happy in a field of these beauties!

The Week of madness continues shortly…

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