Part 1 : Ultimate South African Road Trip

It’s been 8 years to be exact since I was once in my homeland of South Africa.  For anyone that has moved abroad that is a long long time not to have your feet on the soil that is within your soul.  Too long. They say life happens while you’re making other plans, that’s the truth of life.

First problem … A medical mishap – this is the life part I mentioned – it took some time to get my body to a point that could handle my passion once again, travel.

Finally got the good ol’ bod back into reasonable traveling shape and the bank account wasn’t happy.  Yip you know that feeling.  Every now and then I’d check on the prices, set up all the flight price trackers I could get my fingers on and then Brexit happened.  Brexit wasn’t too good for the UK but was very good for me. Flight prices crashed as well as the currency exchange.  Suddenly my flight from Tampa Florida to Johannesburg South Africa was not $2000 but rather $800!!!

The catch, there’s always a catch… We had to have an 11 hour layover in London on the way there and then stop off for a few days on the way back.  The UK is one of my favorite countries of all time, I was not crying but rather cracked open the proverbial champagne and celebrated.  I was going home for the first time in 8 long years and my new family were going with!

I’m normally a solo traveller, I enjoy hopping on a plane and exploring at my will.  For the first time I found myself having to suddenly plan for a group of 7, my husband, 2 step children and a family of three joining us.

Planning, planning, planning.  I had 8 months to plan, too much time and yet not enough! South Africa is a country of many contrasts, cultures, languages and histories, even climates… Where to start? I wanted to be a tourist in my own country and I wanted to show everyone the best parts of South Africa in the short time we had, just 10 days!

If it weren’t for Travefy and the incredible services of Kathy at Bobcat Travel I think I would’ve lost my mind. Kathy you are my hero!!!

Slowly the plan started to take shape.  I decided to skip Johannesburg and the Kwazulu Natal province though I would’ve added Natal in a heart beat if we had had enough time.  More on that later. In the end we opted for a road trip down the Garden Route landing up in my home city of Cape Town.

Finally the day of the dream trip arrived…

Handy plan tools I used

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