Stuck between the worlds of past and future…

Sitting in Doha (Qatar) I found myself stuck between the worlds of past and future, neither here or there, hanging in the balance of transition. Awaiting my flight to the future, the symbol of the moment not lost on me, the idea that I was almost in the future tantilising.

Saddness filled my soul, my spirit depressed and yet at the same time excited and relieved that the transition period in my life was going to be over soon. During the transition phases in ones life we get to decide who and what memories we want to take with into the future. It is a long and tedious process and for me a simple one. My past is the past but only a few people made it into the future, there they will stay with me through all my different life chapters.

I sit now on the cusp of the next chapter, ready for it to start, all dependent on the Home Affairs office and what they have decided my future should hold. It has been a long journey to this point, at times life was in the balance, moments where the complications and the difficulty of the situation got too much and the spirit just wanted to hand in the towel, cut the remaining thread to life as we know it.

Only time will tell where our destiny lies, only fate can really decide if the karma we carry is in correct balance, we have to believe it knows best and trust it. All I can say is that it may sound easy but it is the exact opposite, its the hardest thing I have ever done, ever had to do!

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