Ambrosiana’s Fior di Neve ~ A Cookie Review

Due to a unfortunate medical thing where the doctors insisted I didn’t travel… I was stuck in my house recovering from what I thought would be a quick and easy procedure.  After week 3, and going stir crazy, a friend decided that I needed something to write about before I went over the “edge”. So what better to write about than my favorite thing in the … Continue reading Ambrosiana’s Fior di Neve ~ A Cookie Review

Accidentally invented


Ever wondered where things come from or how they were invented?

I love finding out how things work and generally I prefer to put things together without the instructions, sometimes to my detriment (just between you and me).

I always find reading facts about life calming after a boring nightmare. So hence we now have a list of what things were accidentally Invented. Please note that beer is first because I did  it alphabetically in order to tire myself out, Chocolate Chip cookies are second for this very same reason.

They say the first beer was drunk when Samson downed a lion, but apparently about 10 000 years ago, when Mesopotamians became the world’s first agrarian society, their stored grains for bread became wet, and began to naturally ferment. Someone actually dared to drink the frothing mess, becoming the first person to “burp” after a brew.

Chocolate chip cookies
When Ruth Wakefield of the Tollhouse Inn, Massachusetts, ran out of baking chocolate one day in 1930, she crumbled up a bar of semi-sweet chocolate and added the pieces to her dough. When she removed them from the oven, the cookies weren’t uniformly infused with melted chocolate, but rather studded with little chunks throughout. Crumbs… imagine a life without chocolate chip cookies.

The Legend of Kaldi maintains that an Ethiopian goat herder checked his flock was acting a bit frisky after eating some bright red berries. After sampling some for himself and feeling the buzz, he brought the berries to a local Imaam who roasted them and boiled a batch in water.

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