The story of the Mouse Trap

In one day I received this from two people and felt that the moral of this story is one close to my heart, perhaps more so in light of recent events, because of the people who have stood by me, helped me, had my back… perhaps you will smile, perhaps it is food for thought… either way thank you, this mouse is a very very happy … Continue reading The story of the Mouse Trap

Keeping your head above water…

One day we wake up to find ourselves in the water without a lifeboat or buoy, nothing to help us float, we’re stuck with no way towards the land. We slowly start treading the water, at first its easy, our legs keep us going, our arms move slowly in the water.  We stay a float, our heads are in the fresh air and things seem … Continue reading Keeping your head above water…

World Tour Announced!

Well it is a start in any case.  We are busy setting up a World Tour for Amber to visit all her newly adopted brothers, sisters and friends (including my farting dog).  There is no set Itinerary as yet so keep your eyeballs peeled for further announcements! … hah! You thought we were kidding (so did Amber, don’t worry)           If you’re not listed … Continue reading World Tour Announced!

The myth of the Snake Whisperer

They won’t always be like that They will change I know they will They’ve had a hard life, you can’t blame them They are suffering I know that it won’t be long before they snap out of it Soon I just know it It’s only a phase They love me I know they do, deep down they do They will change Bullshit They’re never going … Continue reading The myth of the Snake Whisperer

National Sport, no one is safe!

A whole bunch of really funny people have been funny and chimped me yet again. Hmmm there is definitely something about the month of July for surely it has nothing to do with my innocent antics… ??? Don’t answer. So if you would like to laugh hard along with me go have a looksee at the below… Please be warned though that I can’t really … Continue reading National Sport, no one is safe!