Evolution and the Paper Bag (PB)

  When I was first challenged by Singleforareason with her Let Us Begin: The Paper Bag I found myself sitting and pondering upon this PB.  I saw PB though, you’ll never believe it, but I did.  Last night I sat outside amongst the stars just me, the wimpass-fart-bag and my weightless telescope, as I looked through the view finder there PB was flying in all … Continue reading Evolution and the Paper Bag (PB)

Moon Spirit

Tonight the moon was really friendly, we chatted for a bit and then after much discussion and begging he agreed to pose for me…

The Spirit of the Moon witnesses the wars, hugs the stars, loves unconditionally and shines through the night basking in the day…

The Spirit of the Moon lies within each and every one of us…


… perhaps it is just an alien *shrug* who knows

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Graphic Play – Becoming

A simple graphic but with many symbolic representations. When I start out creating these images there is no plan, there is no idea in mind, they happen in a clear mind. This one is entitled Becoming, why? It is the transcension from the pre-awakened form to the new improved version. The symbols are everywhere, for me it was much like spot the difference, perhaps it … Continue reading Graphic Play – Becoming