What is sunshine without a storm?

Have you ever wondered what makes rainbows so magical or why it feels so good to come out of the house on a cold winters day and to feel the sunshine touch your face? Would we truly appreciate that feeling of the sun on our faces if it weren’t so bitterly cold? If we didn’t experience the cold would we still appreciate the sun? I … Continue reading What is sunshine without a storm?

Give, Hope, Love, Live

So many times in life we shy away from things because we have been hurt before, we shy away from the very things that we want most of all. The fear of disappointment can sometimes take over our need or want, hiding it into the oblivion and warping our perceptions. Those perceptions can often get thrown “helter skelter” and as we go on they get … Continue reading Give, Hope, Love, Live

Handling the unexpected

If you were sailing along in a beautiful yacht laughing and enjoying the ride when suddenly a big unexpected storm hits and over turns the very thing you were just standing enjoying yourself on, what would your immediate response be? Shock Bleep Oh God What the hell Bleep Oh no Numb Numb Numb Shock or Oh dang my yacht!!! WTH Stupid bleep bleep bleep harbour … Continue reading Handling the unexpected

The life and times of an ordinary human being

Originally posted May 3, 2008 I have met some incredible people in my life time, I know I will meet some more along this road but so far the night sky is full of sparkling stars representing each and every one. Each has their own story, their own heart ache, they are ordinary human beings with hearts of gold. So often when we experience pain, heartache … Continue reading The life and times of an ordinary human being

The Impulse to run and to run fast…

Some people are runners and others find their feet glued to the ground much  like looking down to see that your feet are embedded in a floor of cement with not even the toes showing. Those who have their feet solid on the floor often frown upon those that have the impulse to run.  They do not understand the reasons behind a runner or what … Continue reading The Impulse to run and to run fast…

Life is trial and error, living without regret

Cordieb mentioned on one of her comments on her post “Spirituality Art Sunday  – The Walk from Smoke into Darkness” that I took a walk into the unknown, that I seem fearless.  The fact that she thought this blew me away, honestly.  For me it is nothing like that but more a life of trial and error. I have made more mistakes in this life … Continue reading Life is trial and error, living without regret

Self tanning for life

Yesterday while out walking I caught a glimpse of my newly tanned legs sporting shorts that I haven’t fitted in to for years and was so chuffed with myself! I can’t tell you how exciting it was the fact that the mere sight of my bare skin didn’t cause my eyes to get glare cramp. Yip, you know the one where you look at something … Continue reading Self tanning for life