Is forgiveness really possible?

Forgiveness is one of the world’s greatest mysteries, one that seems to always come with a short answer “just accept and move on”. Hah! Yeah right… seriously? Just accept it and move on? You have to be kidding people! After hearing that one liner so many times I stopped asking others how they came to forgive another. I started to realize that each of us … Continue reading Is forgiveness really possible?

Self Defence and the cool habit gang

I am linking to these two posts again, if you have not read them yet then I  suggest that you do, politely of course.  Hayden’s Women Need Protecting and Joy’s post Safety tips for children.  Those posts really have me thinking and before they think I am “link stalking” let me explain. There are some things we take for granted, personal safety and protection is … Continue reading Self Defence and the cool habit gang

Q&A: "Books that I am reading" widget

Question: How do I add a list of the books I have read/reading to my blog” Answer: 1. Go to Amazon Affiliate Program Links They may require you to log in with your Affiliate username and password 2. Put the book you are wanting to add in the search bar and select “books” or “Music” etc and click search 3. A list of possible books … Continue reading Q&A: "Books that I am reading" widget

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Halloween has a mixed bag of reviews.  Some in the world see it as evil and pure pagan, against their God and all they believe in.  Some “celebrate” it just for fun, they get exciting when they start to plan their outfits, bake their cakes, prepare the apples and just in general its excitement in Capitals. Others don’t even know of its existence. Those others … Continue reading Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

It’s just not that big of a deal

I want to laugh some times when people utter those words, a laugh filled with  admiration and love and then I want to open up my arms and just hug them.  I’m talking big hugs here people, bear hugs! Some choices in our life are pretty easy to make. What to have for dinner, should your loo rolls have teddy’s on or imprints of Winnie … Continue reading It’s just not that big of a deal

Meditating while dogs fart 101

There is something to be said about the nether regions of the canine species.  For some reason they are able to emit the biggest variety of odours known to mankind.   Yesterday I got ready and put a guided meditation CD in to the “box” and let the intro calm me.  My eyes closed I started to follow the breathing, slowly, in, out, in, out.  With … Continue reading Meditating while dogs fart 101

The myth of the Snake Whisperer

They won’t always be like that They will change I know they will They’ve had a hard life, you can’t blame them They are suffering I know that it won’t be long before they snap out of it Soon I just know it It’s only a phase They love me I know they do, deep down they do They will change Bullshit They’re never going … Continue reading The myth of the Snake Whisperer