Give, Hope, Love, Live

So many times in life we shy away from things because we have been hurt before, we shy away from the very things that we want most of all. The fear of disappointment can sometimes take over our need or want, hiding it into the oblivion and warping our perceptions. Those perceptions can often get thrown “helter skelter” and as we go on they get … Continue reading Give, Hope, Love, Live

Be true… Be open… Live

First published Nov 1, 2007 How can life be as it is without the hearts of others, how can life be as it is without the symbolism of this world? In reality it is such a chaotic place to be, all the signals, messages and hearts beating different tunes. Have you ever walked into a crowed room and been overwhelmed by the internal noise of … Continue reading Be true… Be open… Live

Feel Good Inc

I haven’t heard this song in ages and Enreal  reminded me of it the other day (thank you thank you thank you!).  For me it’s one of those feel good vibey songs that get me standing up again.  See what you think. Hahahahahahahahaha, Sh-pah sh-pa, sh-pa, Feel good, [x9] City’s breaking down on a camel’s back. They just have to go ’cause they don’t know wack So … Continue reading Feel Good Inc

Begin Again

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how simple life can be just when you think you’ll never reach the end you’re finally round the bend and see there’s no need to cry anymore life’s better than before yesterday fades away into the past the pain you thought would last is gone and you begin again sometimes you lose, sometimes you win but you begin again even … Continue reading Begin Again

Hold on little butterfly

Constantly creepin’ caterpillar, Still a swoon in a cocoon. Soon you might emerge, And you’re made to emerge. A little longing to love, lush, Starving for affection. Hidden by the size of my perfection, With one exception… If you wanna butterfly, You gotta be a butterfly. You know that nothing falls out of the sky. Still a swoon in a cocoon. If you wanna butterfly, … Continue reading Hold on little butterfly

Advertising billboards of life…

Ironic? Do you remember when you were a kid, the wonder you felt when you discovered a new flower, how we would pick them and bring them to our noses, breathing in its sent and the smile that would come to our faces? Do you remember tasting a sweet for the first time, how the flavour took over your mouth, its intensity? Do you remember … Continue reading Advertising billboards of life…