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“Its always their fault isn’t it, never ours, no no no, don’t be crazy, how one earth can it be our fault? Come now, don’t be ridiculous, us? NEVER will it be our fault, hell no, get a life, wake up, smell some coffee. It’s not our fault it’s theirs!!!” “WAIT!” “What do you mean it is my fault? How dare you even begin to … Continue reading [place your politicians name here]

Men with small …. brains

I don’t mean only men but rather just the human race, saying humans or people just didn’t sound right to me. In all honestly I have avoided the local news for many reasons, Zimbabwe’s fake talks – not one Zimbabwean believes it to be true or useful. They still have their 7pm curfews. They still fear their lives every moment of every day. They still … Continue reading Men with small …. brains

Definition of a democratic and fair election

Apparently the Zimbabwe elections had the biggest turn out ever, people flocked in droves to cast their fair vote, indeed it was both democratic and fair, it was just as South Africa’s president said it would be. When you speak to someone that is there, watching, voting, looking and seeing everything for what it is it has a tendency to fill you with a slight … Continue reading Definition of a democratic and fair election

Car Hijacker explains how it is done

Ok lets look at life in Africa and why in particular I want to leave. Some say that I am just running away while others say that I should be more patriotic. I beg to differ, firstly in other countries you get Cinnamon toothpaste, you get Apple Butter, Coke with Vitamins and Starbucks. Then of course the fact that our newspapers have gotten to the … Continue reading Car Hijacker explains how it is done

Welcome to my world…

My world is an amazing place, just today from where I sit in my safe little house, I heard gun shots going off again, screeching cars, speeding cop cars and who knows what else but boy did they announce themselves. So I decided to read the news only to find myself shaking my head in feigned shock. Huge headlines “Zim vote won’t be fair” – … Continue reading Welcome to my world…

Faith lost in a Country’s President

The subject line says it all, after reading the latest scoop in South Africa about our neighbours in Zim I can officially say without an ounce of regret or hesitation that I have lost the last shred of faith in our “President”. So what am I on about? Our dear president Mbeki says that there is no crisis in Zim… why then is the rest … Continue reading Faith lost in a Country’s President

SA Slams Foreign Media over Zim

I am sorry for writing yet another post on this subject but I haven’t really slept in days with all this nonsense going on and to wake up this morning to find this in my News24 Morning News edition… it made me sick and I mean literally. I know some might say “but why are you being so negative about South Africa” fact is I … Continue reading SA Slams Foreign Media over Zim