The one thing I DONT want to understand about WAR…

Politics, war and me don’t really get along.  I mean I understand it though I deny it, I know what is going on in the countries, I deny this as well. Why? Because it upsets me too much to even go there, to think about it or to discuss it.  I see the whole and I feel it deeply, when I look at images like … Continue reading The one thing I DONT want to understand about WAR…

Smarties are the World

Just a normal box of smarties, a box filled with candy coated chocolate orbs of heaven.  Would that same box hold the same pleasure if all the chocolate inside was coated in one colour? Would it still be fun? As a kid I would love separating all the colours and then eating one by one, I’d count how many reds, how many blues, greens, oranges … Continue reading Smarties are the World

TOURISM NEWS: Power to za People

Power to the people! Come again? Power? Sorry mate you have the wrong  country, hate to break it to you, yes, wrong place all together.  When visiting South Africa please remember to bring a flashlight or two at the very least spare batteries (available locally but at a steep price).  It is not uncommon for whole cities to be plunged into darkness with little or … Continue reading TOURISM NEWS: Power to za People

Men with small …. brains

I don’t mean only men but rather just the human race, saying humans or people just didn’t sound right to me. In all honestly I have avoided the local news for many reasons, Zimbabwe’s fake talks – not one Zimbabwean believes it to be true or useful. They still have their 7pm curfews. They still fear their lives every moment of every day. They still … Continue reading Men with small …. brains

Contradiction anyone? SA is serving them cold

Well perhaps the right word is “warm”.  Sex sex sex wow wow… Well apparently South Africa topped a global sex report on sexual protection against sexually transmitted infections and HIV/Aids, all according to our friends Durex.  At the same time we hear that SA is also tops on HIV/Aids infections world wide. I am impressed, so Durex tested 26,000 people out of 44 million and … Continue reading Contradiction anyone? SA is serving them cold