Love big cats? Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary is a must!

Big cats treated with dignity and respect Every now and then when you visit a country you happen upon a place that leaves you with lasting memories and warm fuzzies.  The Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary was one such place for me. We stopped off at Jukani on the way to Oudtshoorn. After our Addo Safari adventure we wanted to get a taste of more animals and really liked … Continue reading Love big cats? Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary is a must!

Safari West – A piece of Africa in California

From a South African perspective To the average “passerby” Safari West in Sonoma County, California, is a cool place to go glamping with some wild animals and birds in the background. What’s the big deal right? Right. Well here is the low down from a South African’s experience and perspective. As you can imagine we African’s can be a bit particular when it comes to others trying … Continue reading Safari West – A piece of Africa in California

Domaine Carneros

Postcards from Domaine Carneros

When out in Northern California visiting the infamous Napa Valley, Domaine Carneros is just one of those must visit places. Now let’s be honest, the bubbles speak for themselves with their elegant simplicity that always has you reaching for a bottle to celebrate any kind of important occasion… such as the end of a Monday, the first bud of spring, the sun shining, laundry completed, imaginary … Continue reading Postcards from Domaine Carneros

Girl Scout Cookies - Savannah Smiles

The low down on Savannah Smiles

Continuing on my scrounge for the ultimate “Not to share” cookie aka I can’t do much while I recover other than eat cookies and dream of traveling. Now I’ll be straight with you, Growing up in South Africa I’d heard of Girl Scout cookies from the movies but never experienced them in real life. To be honest a whole bunch of school girls standing at … Continue reading The low down on Savannah Smiles

So you want to visit Cape Town, South Africa, heh?

Look, yes I know those tickets are real cheap when browsing google flights, but let me just stop you right there. South Africa, aka Mandela land, aka Suid Afrika or Saffa land, which ever way you want to call it, is a third world country. Third you say? Yes we aren’t in the top three if that’s what you’re thinking, rather we are third world … Continue reading So you want to visit Cape Town, South Africa, heh?

Far Niente Winery, Napa, California

Far Niente Winery – Napa, California

One of the highlights of having friends who love wine is the fact that they know the good from the bad and everything in between. Visiting Napa with the author of Wine Travel Eats was a surprise adventure into wine and food, one I had no idea existed! After days of wine tasting in Napa, exploring San Francisco and eating the most divine food, I thought that … Continue reading Far Niente Winery – Napa, California