Balance and the Threads of Life

There is another DNA secquence that isn’t as obvious as the one discovered by the scientists.  The one that I talk of is the undercurrent, unspoken, often unthought of, more mysterious one.  Our DNA is fixed, we all have a unique set that may be similar to others but not exactly the same unless by chance we are a pure bred identical twin and even … Continue reading Balance and the Threads of Life

The kiss of the white feather

This morning I awoke to sunshine filtering through my window looking out over  the fairytale garden, the birds were chirping with happiness in melody. Beautiful. I rolled out of bed and crawled down the stairs heading for the kitchen in need of my morning coffee and a seat in the garden with the special fairies. I sat outside for many moments filled with wonder.  The … Continue reading The kiss of the white feather

Slaying the Monsters

Self worth and love are interesting creatures.  When they aren’t present things  can turn nasty beyond our comprehension, the two silent killers. Think Godzilla with a bit of King Kong mixed in with Anaconda and Winnie the Pooh (sorry Pooh Bear). Monster 1: Nada-del-self-worth I am not worthy of their love I don’t deserve to be happy I don’t deserve the success The success I … Continue reading Slaying the Monsters

Sunshine, that’s what you are…

One of the things that people often don’t realise is just how much they are appreciated during those rough times.  When we’re in the mix we aren’t always able to thank those of you that help us, sometimes the words, the right words just don’t come.   So if you are someone that has helped someone though a rough patch, be it right this minute … Continue reading Sunshine, that’s what you are…

Moon Spirit

Tonight the moon was really friendly, we chatted for a bit and then after much discussion and begging he agreed to pose for me…

The Spirit of the Moon witnesses the wars, hugs the stars, loves unconditionally and shines through the night basking in the day…

The Spirit of the Moon lies within each and every one of us…


… perhaps it is just an alien *shrug* who knows

Continue reading “Moon Spirit”

Life in a plane

Oh how I miss sitting in the cockpit, taking the controls in my hands and feeling the power of the air under the wings as I sore over the landscape below. Yes, take that shocked look off your faces all of you that know about my driver’s license incident, there are no people walking around the sky and to date no humans have been injured… … Continue reading Life in a plane