Black Crow Coffee St Pete, Fl

A Quick Stop at Black Crow Coffee St Pete

First Impressions Series They say first impressions last I had just finished up at an appointment near the Historic Northeast district of St Pete (FL) and found myself in dire need of some caffeine. As one does these days I plugged “coffee” into Waze and the options were many. One in particular though caught my eye.   Black Crow Coffee. Who’s eye wouldn’t it catch? Come … Continue reading A Quick Stop at Black Crow Coffee St Pete

Sharing Hurricane Irma

It’s surreal going through something you’ve so often seen on the news, I’ve lived in Florida now going on 8 years and we often have the watches for the hurricanes but they’ve always swung away. Not this time, no matter how much we spoke to the Weather Gods, prayed or told the weather man on the tv that he has it wrong and to go … Continue reading Sharing Hurricane Irma