Ubuntu in a Can

No I am not talking about the operating system, I am talking about an African saying that has been blown out by the Western world. What is the real Ubuntu? Pronounced as uu-Boon-too or uu-Bun-too. Ubuntu, also known as Unhu in other parts of Africa, is an ethical philosophy held by many Africans and now Westerners (First World) that focuses on how we treat one … Continue reading Ubuntu in a Can

Respect is a simple word – Ubuntu

The most false lesson given to our children, given to us is: “Respect needs to be earned” To that I always utter the simple statement of “Huh?”.  Why does respect have to be earned? Why is it not given outright, why shouldn’t it? We are taught from a young age that respect needs to be earned, that we must respect the elder and wiser not … Continue reading Respect is a simple word – Ubuntu

Smarties are the World

Just a normal box of smarties, a box filled with candy coated chocolate orbs of heaven.  Would that same box hold the same pleasure if all the chocolate inside was coated in one colour? Would it still be fun? As a kid I would love separating all the colours and then eating one by one, I’d count how many reds, how many blues, greens, oranges … Continue reading Smarties are the World