Girl Scout Cookies - Savannah Smiles

The low down on Savannah Smiles

Continuing on my scrounge for the ultimate “Not to share” cookie aka I can’t do much while I recover other than eat cookies and dream of traveling.

Now I’ll be straight with you, Growing up in South Africa I’d heard of Girl Scout cookies from the movies but never experienced them in real life. To be honest a whole bunch of school girls standing at the entrance of the stores screaming “cooookies coooookies” kind of scared me right to the other store entrance. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Knowing my aversion to screaming girls (future world leaders I might add) a dear friend of mine shipped pretty much their whole selection to my door (No I will not divulge her name as sharing is not caring!)

I’m not really a lemon fan, sorry to all the lemon lovers out there, but thought I’d give these a try considering they once again show powdery goodness on the box…

Girl Scout Cookies - Savannah Smiles

On first sniff they weren’t overly lemony, their sweet aroma as welcoming and I found myself reaching into the box without a second thought and putting one in my mouth.


Girl Scout Cookies - Savannah Smiles

Compared to the last cookie I tried, these little beauties matched their description ten fold.

Zesty lemon? Tart yet not zing-in-the-cheek sour. Covered in copious amounts of sugary powdered goodness these crunchy little nuggets of heaven were delicious and moreish!


These cuties definitely pair well with Rooibos Tea and Coffee, honestly just about anything other than fruit juice, they’re that good!


If I were to be honest these Savannah Smiles have calmed my fears enough to approach the screaming Girl Scouts when I spot them again. If anything, why on earth don’t they stay at the supermarket doors all year round!

Thank the Cookie Gods Amazon sells them! My ultimate lower weight goal will just have to wait until I deplete their supplies!

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  1. We don’t come across many girl scouts at our grocery stores, but we’ve had many co-workers who help their daughters out with sales over the years 😉 Justin has a weakness for the Thin Mints, but we’ll have to consider these lemon ones next time!

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