The Progression of Being

Times change, people change, novelties wear off and life moves forward, it has always been so, this is the way of the world. It is my greatest fear in life and no matter what I do to try and change it or prevent it from happening it always does. Peoples interactions with each other can fascinate me but then at times, most times they scare me and oppress me – everyones effect on each other is astounding, the background information seamless and without end, what is said and what is left behind in the recesses of the brain astonishing.

Why do people not say what they really feel, what they really think? Everyone is protecting everyone else, their feelings and sanity but over time if the things that irk us of each other stay within us they build up and build up to the point where it can get nasty. We harbour all these thoughts within us, our pet dislikes, our irratations and our hates to protect the ones we love but in the end they are the things that prevent us from showing our true love. We start arguing, finding fault with everything they do and fighting.

This all begs the question… what would happen if the people you loved so dearly that you protected them from your irritations were to die tomorrow? What would you do with all the unsaid and unshown love that you harboured within you?

Sometimes I feel it is better to forget ones irritations, try and understand why the other does what he or she does and move on, don’t keep it inside yourself because you can and will at the end of the day push those very same loved ones away from you. Try instead to show them the love you feel, the happiness within yourself when you are around them and let them know you care for you never know when their last day might be, you never know if you will be granted the chance to say goodbye…

Love and let live, live and understand, be free…

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