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In life so often we come up with weird words and sayings, as I have mentioned before I often have impediment moments often resulting in myself and others using them (quite possibly to save me from embarrassment).

I have been told that often the words I use are not decipherable or easily understood either in their ambiguity or spelling so here I present you with the Audlish Dictionary, some words I accidentally invented, others are from the south African slang, some are my interpretations of words already in existence and some are heard from other peoples moments that I loved and adopted … hope it helps 🙂

If you read any words you don’t understand please let me know and I’ll add them – I am often in my own world and forget that I speak Audlish… 🙂


Definition: Someone who’s clueless


Origin: Accidentally

Definition: Someone who does not realise they are a tart

An Ancient

Definition: Someone who is wise


Definition: A moment where you lose the plot and go wild either while watching sport or at someone else’s actions; “you go ape”


Origin: stolen from sister; Aspersion

Definition: a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone’s reputation

A Strawberry Moment

Definition: A moment that brings about intense blushing


Origin: Company dictionary

Definition: a person who talks a lot but doesn’t do anything about it


Origin: Brainstorming (impeppermint came out in a strategic meeting can’t take me anywhere)

Definition: Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible


Definition: Someone who does something silly


Definition: Karma; What comes around goes around


Definition: Someone who has no regard for others, a person who does not respect another

Committee Member

Origin: Company Dictionary

Definition: a body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.


Origin: Deja vu

Definition: The feeling that you’ve heard this bull** before.


Pronunciation: Drool-dill

Definition: Someone who falls asleep in meetings

Emerald moment

Definition: Moment of jealousy or an object you desire; An intense feeling of wow; often said like “Oh wow that is such an emerald”


Definition: The wrath of grapes; the after effects from making a mistake


Origin: SA Slang

Pronunciation: Heck-tick

Definition: Something that is outrageously bad or good; often said when one is shocked

Ice moment

AKA: Ice Ice baby moment

Definition: The ice cold feeling you get in the instant you realise that you’ve just made a BIG mistake


Origin: Impediment

Definition: A speech impediment or an embarrassing moment


Origin: Slang

Pronunciation: Jeep-ers

Definition: holy moley, exclamation

“Look there’s a fairy”

Origin: My sister caught me out with this one and I asked her where all excitedly

Pronunciation: Loud

Definition: Change the topic I’ve lost interest. Also used to see if people are paying attention, often they get caught out…


Definition: An insect that makes you like flies better; A person that keeps on buzzing around you and won’t go away


Pronunciation: Naa-rrr-na

Definition: A term of endearment for someone who is ripping you off or did something funny “You are such a narna”


Definition: A really funny person that makes you fall off your chair from laughing too hard


Definition: someone who is as dumb as an ox.


Origin: The recruitment field

Definition: A new hire who doesn’t need any training.


Pronunciation: Pol-loo-tant

Definition: Someone who is negative or brings you down


Origin: Afrikaans

Pronunciation: Ssss-kat-a-ball

Definition: A sweetheart; someone who is really sweet

Stress puppet:

Definition: A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiny

Stress Monkey:

Definition: A person that does cartwheels while stressed, they seem to become deranged and lose the ability to speak or act normally.


Definition: People who do not participate in life

Vu deja:

Pronunciation: Vu-desh-a

Definition: The feeling you have never been here before, seeing a new place or experiencing something for the first time


Definition: A moment of speechlessness encompassing great fascination or intrigue


Definition: something or someone that looks pretty but has no substance


Origin: Invented for Visionary (Save Our Species)

Pronunciation: Yo-duh-shon-arr-eeee

Definition: a person who has visionary thoughts of wise being


Definition: Someone who brings people to life, puts fire in them to start living


Origin: Invented by Amberfireinus

Definition: Someone who is trying to find wisdom (yodafoundling) or has found wisdom (yodafound) or someone who is a Narna


Definition: A moment of revelation or wisdom

Late Additions: 15 May 2008


Origin: Afternoon

Pronunciation: are-vee

Definition: Used when to lazy to say long words; “I’ll see you in the arvi”


Origin: Details

Pronunciation: Deee-ts

Definition: It’s all in the deets


Origin: Afrikaans

Pronunciation: (The G sounds like snake) ggggg-at-full

Definition: Fed up; “I’m gatvol”


Origin: Moment

Pronunciation: Mmm-oh

Use: “Just give me a mo'”; “will do it in a mo'”


Origin: Afrikaans

Pronunciation: Oh-luk

Definition: Cute; “you are so oulik”; “That is oulik”


Origin: Robert (Meditations)

Definition: Used in replacement of “What’s up with that?”


Pronunciation: Tuh-ah

Definition: Shortened form of Thank You / Cheers



Pronunciation: as normal

Definition: check; “To vet something” or “Can you please vet it before I send it out”

Later Additions: 10 June 2008

Stress Buffet

Definition: More than one stressful situation coming to a head all at once


Definition: It is a play on words for definition, read between the letters 🙂


Definition: say it out loud for definition 🙂


Definition: One who avoids work to the point of appearing mentally retarded


Definition: Bewildered and confused by the food being served


Definition: A person who types really, really loud and fast so other people in the office will think he is working hard, when really he’s hardly working.

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  1. This list is awesome!!! there is no word for clever and creative with a twist… you should think of that… I would have used it!

  2. Wow! This is really cool. I’ve learned some really cool new words. Deja-Moo had me ROFL!

    Just think, a few months ago I didn’t even know what ROFL meant, not to mention the word MWAH! I’m getting with hip with some cool lingo thanks to you dear SF! Peace, Light, Love and MAWH! ~CordieB.

  3. Presactly:

    A combination of absolutely and exactly. As if agree whole heartedly with something.

    I.e. That is presactly what I mean…

    stupid o’clock:
    any time after all normal people have gone to bed, or before normal people wake up. (an ungodly hour)

    i.e. He came home from the club at stupid o’clock
    or: He had to leave at stupid o’clock to get to work on time.

  4. 404

    Definition: Someone who’s clueless

    hahah I am sooo gonna use this as my code word…!

    The list is amaaazzzin, I am bookmarking this page for more…!!! :))))) Wayyyyy to go Talented Sissttaaa!!!

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