What is sunshine without a storm?

Have you ever wondered what makes rainbows so magical or why it feels so good to come out of the house on a cold winters day and to feel the sunshine touch your face?

Would we truly appreciate that feeling of the sun on our faces if it weren’t so bitterly cold?

If we didn’t experience the cold would we still appreciate the sun?

I believe we can get so used to something that it has little to no affect on us without change, without the balance of seasons both in life and in the world.

Without change or the seasons in our lives we would find ourselves just floating along without any real substance inspiring us to live life to its fullest.

Without heartache we would be unable to truly appreciate those in our lives and understand the pain of losing them.  It allows us to feel, to know and to experience life. To appreciate how lucky we are in the small moments of happiness and bliss.

Without making a mistake we would never know the true meaning of determination and the final result of finally getting something right?

Everything in our lives has a season, everything goes in cycles, the good and the bad.

When bad gets going and the proverbial storm clouds overwhelm our senses to the point of no return it can feel like nothing in this life is worthwhile, that nothing will ever return to normality and happiness is a figment of another’s imagination.

Time and time again life proves to us that it can get better, that there are lessons to be learnt and experiences to experience. We just have to hold on, even if it is by our finger tips to the rope that is keeping us grounded to this earth for when the clouds do pass and the sunshine finally touches your face again it will feel better than before.  The sun will touch your soul like never before, you will feel stronger and more able to take on this life.

Give it time and ride out the storms with the knowledge that following every storm comes a rainbow and eventually sunshine to warm your soul.

Give it time and stay strong.

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