Who am I?

So often we walk this earth oblivious of who we really are, how we are perceived, unaware of what people think of us and how they themselves perceive us. Others views of me baffle me at the best of times, both the positive and the negative, I often get neither… is this because I have a low self image or is it rather that their perception of me is warped into what I give to the world? Tough question I know and one that is incredibly hard to answer but so often in life we do not listen to others and what they say of us.

In life I find we take to heart the negative more than the positive, we kind of sweep over the positive things people say of us and focus on the opposite. So often we ignore the good things and allow the bad things to destroy us internally, instead of doing this we should try rather to find a balance of both worlds. Take from the bad so that we can improve ourselves and take the good in its entirety so that we can store it like a squirrel for those bad days of feeling low.

Each day that I am alive I become more and more aware of peoples affect on one another and it scares me in a way because not everyone is aware of this factor, some don’t even care. Each time we speak to someone, each time we walk away from them we leave a piece of ourselves with them… if we treat them badly, say horrible things what are we leaving behind?

The second question I have for you is why do we let them have this affect on us? Why do we let others dictate our views of ourselves, how we feel and our views on the world? Why do we let them do that to us?

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I often wonder the same things. If 9 people are nice to me and say positive/flattering things I am happy, but all it takes is for the 10th person to make a negative comment and ruin everything…

    I believe the problem has to do with self-confidence. As human beings, we all have some insecurities but people who are stronger and more confident mentally won’t be bothered as much by others’ negative opinions.

    I hope to reach that point someday in my life =D

  2. I agree with you one hundred percent, self-confidence is an amazing creature and a dangerous one at that. One day we will all get to that place it just takes a certain kind of person who is willing to accept the need for change and then pro actively strive for it.

    Thanks for the comment, I like the way you think 🙂

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